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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

George Sampson's mobile phone number is up - or at least the phone numbers of his fans are - on Twitter

You'll have to excuse me for the slightly misleading headline: This blog is about George Sampson's mobiles phone numbers, although whether you'll find it here depends on whether you're one of the 'lucky' fans he called up the other night. He'll have certainly collected a few numbers the other night.

For some of you reading this it will be a lesson in online safety. Please keep reading...

One blogger at The Ap of Crap (hardly national press, but read on because at least they took the time of day to flag this up) has expressed their disappointment at George Sampson and his fan's behaviour while he was broadcasting live interviews over Twitter with his fans.
I wasn't exactly looking for it, but when someone in your feed puts up their phone number and it has after it (@georgesampson live on I knew it could only end badly.
He said. At this point I was curious too, so I read on.
The only downside is that everyone on Twitter or watching that stream could see everyone else's number. Not the best idea when your loyal fan club is under 16...
Ouch! Check out the screen grab showing Sampson calling one of his friends on his mobile:
A few weeks ago I put up a blog comparing Flawless fans to Diversity fans as a bit of fun, but this one is straight worrying, both in part to the lack of intelligence some of George's fans possess by putting their mobile phone numbers ON TWITTER (check out the Metropolitan Police's advice on staying safe online here) and that he maybe went too far in calling them up - I just hope he did so off private number.

A George Sampson fan on Twitter is easy to identify: The use of the terms "Sampson" or "GS" in their username, mentions of George in their profile information and when he tweeted them and the abundance of obsessive tweets like "I've just woken up. @georgesampson would love to know that!!"

The trouble is many haven't yet grasped that they're exposing their personal details to the world each time they post details like their mobile phone number, email or whereabouts on Twitter - those people's mobile numbers can still be found on Twitter if you know how to look.

With any luck they'll have changed their Twitter settings to private and dumped their old SIM card.

George Sampson recently took part in an anti-bullying promotion for the BBC's Newsround just over a fortnight ago. If more people had seen this gaffe and could point out the irony between that and the recent webchat, maybe we'd all be a bit more like Ap of Crap.

It'd be interesting knowing what Sampson's management think about this. Will they address it? Or perhaps George will realise the error of his ways. If anyone wants to bring this to their attention, I invite you to comment on this blog.

Check out the original Ap of Crap George Sampson post here.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Michael Jackson Experience for Wii

Michael Jackson Experience trailer

Does this not look epic? If not a little scary by the perma-smiles on the faces of the people dancing in the advert, but I'm talking about the game!

The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii looks quite good. Since playing Just Dance 2 a few weeks back on the Wii I've been able to experience the joy and challenge of motion sensing games - but this time you can be Michael Jackson!

Much of the Michael Jackson Experience has been kept under wraps as the Jackson Estate has been working closely with the producers, but the teaser clips they've released more recently seem to show the moves will be a lot more technical than Just Dance - which I like (some dances on Just Dance are more like dance warm ups than routines - in other words, too easy for the advanced dancer!). This one's going to be a challenge!

While Just Dance had original ideas for each of its routines, every song in the MJ Experience is a homage to each video, my favourite teaser being the duet from the Moonwalker film, above.

Apparently the game is to be released on the PS3 Move, Nintendo DS and PSP (your guess is as good as mine how that'll work) as well as the X-Box Kinect, which if I could afford, would be even better. So far though no official footage has been released, only a couple of grainy YouTube videos from video game conventions.

Michael Jackson Experience is out on 26 November. Buy from Amazon.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer and vocalists in the T-Mobile advert Welcome Home?

The T-Mobile Welcome Home advert has beatboxers in it! A week after Faith SFX 'appeared' as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert, beatboxing has made it into another commercial! T-Mobile Welcome Home. Flashmobs are cool, but this is better!

Video: T-Mobile Welcome Home advert

No doubt once again it's time for some beatboxing trivia: Who are the beatboxers in the T-Mobile advert?

It's ok, I've done the homework.

With thanks to Hobbit (Beatbox Championships finalist 2010 and the soundscape provider of Ghost Boy) on the HumanBeatBox forum, I (although really, he) can reveal the beatboxers are Lianhart, Bellatrix, Andy Frost and Toby from Swingle Singers.

Swingle Singers

Turns out the Swingle Singers are familiar with covert flash mobs too, having plugged Lovebox on the London Underground.

Video: Swingle Singers: Expect the Unexpected


This video of Lianheart is sure to blow. Your. Mind. ONE video on his YouTube channel. 100,000 video views!
Video: Lianheart - Human Beatbox Sample


Here is Bellatrix (the one who scratched during Return of the Mack), who beatboxes with the amazing vocal group The Boxettes.
Video: Bellatrix interview

Unfortunately as of when this blog was posted you'd have missed Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra at the Southbank Centre so I guess the only way to know the next beatboxing event is to Like TooMuchFlavour on Facebook and look out for updates!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Flawless fans are more stupid than Diversity fans!

The old Diversity vs Flawless debate is one that won't die down in street dance. We all know who should have won, right? Yet whenever one says one group name should have won, someone else says the other. So I've found a unit of measurement and a scale that works. Sort of.
Statistically fans of Flawless are more stupid that those of Diversity. At least according to this site that measures up a sample of 100 tweets directed at two twitter accounts.

The results? Presently Diversity score 267 (out of 1,000) - nearly "thick as two planks" while Flawless score an incredible 875 - "dumb as a bag of hammers."

Have a go:

OK, it's only a bit of fun and the results will constantly change, but it's still a laugh having a mess around and entering different celebrity's Twitter names and seeing what the results are. Tom Scott, the guy who programmed the app, created it because:

"A lot of people on Twitter are stupid. Many of these people follow celebrities and try to send them messages. But which celebrity's fans are most stupid? It's time to find out."

Oh by the way, you can now pre-order Flawless: Chase the Dream and Diversity: Street Dance Workout from Amazon now - watch out for our run down of the latest street dance DVDs to hit the shelves, coming soon over at the main TooMuchFlavour site.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert?

Have you heard the Argos beatboxing advert? It's badd with two Ds!

Video: Argos beatboxing advert - Bing Crosby White Christmas

A classical scene featuring Bing Crosby holding his microphone in hand about to grace awaiting families at Christmas with a crooning song before breaking into beatboxing! Badd! Not too sure how well it scores for relevant audience, but I'll leave the critiques to the experts, I like the fact beatboxing will be seen by millions.

People will soon be asking who is the beatboxer in the Argos advert?
A lot of people might wrongly think it's Beardyman, but Beardyman has a different style. I have reason to believe it's this guy (see update below to find out who it actually is):
MC Zani, 2008 beatboxing champion. The dude's toured with Jay Sean and more, plus judged at this year's Vauxhall Beatbox Championships 2010.

By the way, Zani's got his own Stylophone Beatbox machine, which Argos don't actually stock!

I was mistaken. Just found out the beatboxer FaithSFX, world beatbox heavyweight.
Video: Faith SFX freestyling in the studio

'Nuff respect. Faith also has the respect of Kool DJ Herc backing him up. Said Herc: "Faith SFX is the best thing coming out of the UK at the moment."


By the way you can read all our beatboxing articles on the main TooMuchFlavour site.

Thanks to AJ for bringing this to my attention.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Traces 7 fingers video

Check out this video of the circus performers from The 7 Fingers at Kings Cross to promote Traces.

The 7 fingers (correct Canadian-French name - 7 doigts de la main) have to be one of the most amazing acts that have I that aren't street dancers.

As I've already seen them three times (once at Sadler's Wells Sampled, once in Traces and once for their most recent show, Psy) i didn't see a reason to run another preview on the Traces, but that hasn't stopped it being one of our most searched for reviews.

That doesn't mean each time it comes to town you should miss it though! Like a cross between circus and b-boying, the gymnastics in 7 Fingers achieve stunts you won't believe and probably sets them back a few bob in life insurance!

Read our review of Traces here, and you can buy tickets from Ticket Master here (tickets from £10).

Traces is at the Peacock Theatre until 30 October

Friday, 8 October 2010

Just Dance launch party celebrity photos

Last night was the Just Dance 2 launch party at Club Valbonne, Picadilly, London, so I figured a dark nightclub might be a good place to take the camera out on a spin and do a bit of celebrity spotting. Prepare yourself for some dodgy page layouts so the photos can be squeezed in. This isn't a report, just some amateur photo journalism...

By the way, don't forget to read our Just Dance 2 review here

Rock up the stairs and you're greeted with disco disco cutouts, then bowl over to the dance floor and there are real life Just Dance 2 dancers!
Meanwhile, the mirrors had some pretty Just Dance decals stuck to them.
No expenses were spared with the branded napkins either....
Wiis were readily available to try out the game on...
These guys were on beat...
Ready for the celebrities?
Alexandra Burke

Sophie Ellis Bextor
Zoe Salmon (Blue Peter presenter)
Event Designer of the Launch Party Sara Golec (Bespoke Events)

Finally, three women who said they'd remember TooMuchFlavour so they could see this photo. If you see this, get in touch.
Just Dance 2 is out next Friday. Pre-order it on Amazon!

Digging the hastily taken pic? Comment below or add us on Facebook

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Streetdance 3D DVD launch party

Earlier on in the day we announced we were going to live tweet and blog throughout the Streetdance 3D DVD launch party (at HMV Forum Kentish Town). We well managed to catch George Sampson, Akai and Flawless on the red carpet before the main event, so figured the sooner we get the videos out the better (and show other websites and news outlets we're serious!)

IF you want more then we'll be announcing updates and stories via the TooMuchFlavour Facebook Page - don't miss out, fan us now!

Akai (Got to Dance/Into the Hoods) at Streetdance 3D DVD launch party premiere

George Sampson (Britain's Got Talent/Into the Hoods) at Streetdance 3D DVD launch party premiere

Flawless aka The Surge (Britain's Got Talent) at Streetdance 3D DVD launch party premiere

Friday, 24 September 2010

Step Up 3D parody - Schlep Up 3D!

Streetdance 3D was big in the UK, there's no denying that, although arguably not as big as Step Up 3D - how do I know this? Because nobody made a parody of it!

Except for this, which isn't a parody (the slideshow was knocked up for illustration), its actual promo

Streetdance 3D rap

Readers, although not all the jokes hit their mark, I present to you a recent find on YouTube, courtesy of Electric Spoofaloo (I know, just like Electric Boogaloo!) a Step Up 3D parody: Schlep Up!

Schlep Up 3D

Streetdance 3D celebrates its launch on DVD at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town this Monday

The Who Killed Deon campaign video

When you run a hip hop website there's always a stigma attached to what you do. When I first set out on my mission with TooMuchFlavour the intention was to focus on the positive aspects of hip hop because of the negativity surrounding it.

Then I started getting offers to attend screenings for films like Shank and other violent gritty Brit flicks.
I realised that although I wanted to run features on them, maybe I didn't want to because it depicted negativity, and promoting that might have an impact on future prospects for us (council partnerships, for example, might not allow swearing anywhere on a sponsored site).

The Who Killed Deon series is a campaign by the Metropolitan Police in association with Drop the Weapons to promote awareness of knife crime in cities.

In a whodunnit style the viewer has to watch the first video and is asked to guess who killed Deon at the party from a line of suspects in the related videos option.

To find out more, visit

Readers, we can be fussy about what aspects of hip hop we report on, but we can't change what the actual culture has become. Just because it isn't what we always report on, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Monday, 6 September 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Ursula 1000 - Hey You featuring Fred Schneider download

Click here to download Ursula 1000 - Hey You with Fred Schneider (Shake edit)

Drenched in snarling fuzz guitars, savage drums and spooky organs, this new collection of tracks unleashes his technicolor take on this sound. A pinch of the old and a drop of the new, creating a brand new monster! Inspired by the classics like Count Five, The Sonics and the Nuggets and Back To The Grave collections to revivalists like The Gruesomes, Gravedigger V and The Dukes of Stratosphear, Ursula 1000 takes in this obsession and flips it for a new generation.

FUZZ features the inimitable Fred Schneider from The B-52s on the opening song, Hey You! Fred and his band paved the way of mixing b-movie surf trashiness and new wave as does Ursula with his blending vintage grooves with modern electronica, thus making the pairing a no-brainer. This is not pastiche but a re-invention!

Ursula 1000 is the alter ego of Brooklyn, New York based producer/DJ Alex Gimeno. His albums (four artists albums and two DJ mixed CDs) and live/radio mix sessions have taken on a broad scope of retro tinged spy grooves, bumping latin disco funk, hints of post punk, electro, go go and sleazy glam rock. You can hear it in his remixes for the likes of Quincy Jones, Felix Da Housecat, The Faint, Fort Knox Five to a slew of television remodels for themes to Sesame Street, The Powerpuff Girls, The Incredibles and Yo Gabba Gabba. Scenes for Sex And The City, Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother popped even more with a helping of a little Ursula as have campaigns for AT&T, Samsung, Adidas and Grand Marnier.

You can find him traveling the world dj-ing at places like Fabric, The Big Chill Festival, Shambhala or even at his home residencies at Trophy Bar and The Commodore. For a more obscure selection of songs that make him tick, check out his radio show, Guilty Pleasures on

FUZZ is released October 5 (digital) / October 19 (physical) on ESL Music

Track List
Hey You! (feat. Fred Schneider)
Fuzz 1000
Graveyard Stomp

Monday, 16 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday - 8trak Productions Beats and Pieces mixtape download

8trak Productions - Beats and Pieces mixtape
8-trak productions is a small London based team of musicians and producers. We specialise in creating hip-hop, soul, & funk beats and are currently working with some of the best undergraound UK artists, such as Chima, Louise Golbey and Kadija Kamara, making real UK soul and hip hop.
Featuring Chima Anya, Grand Central, Karess, Nutty NRG & Suga Diezel, Louise Golbey and Kadija Kamara and more!

Click here to download the Beats and Pieces mixtape 

01 Baby You Know
02 Lifestyle
03 Freaky Type
04 So Be That
05 Fool 4 Luv
06 Real Hustla Music
07 Got That Soul (8trak Remix)
08 The Lights
09 It's Karess
10 G-Life

Monday, 9 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday Dennis Ferrer "Hey Hey" 20 minute mix download

Enter any fine house music club over the last few months and chances are you’ve heard Dennis Ferrer’s Hey Hey – this summer’s most talked about track - playing on the sound system.

Click here to download Dennis Ferrer 20 minute DJ Mix

An anthem in the truest sense, “Hey Hey” is captivating clubland and the airwaves with its flawless and much welcome return to the classic vocal house sound. The track has been heavily supported internationally by BBC Radio One tastemaker Pete Tong (among many other influential DJs) who called it “a return to the finest virtues of house music,” while the fans have spoken to the tune of over 3.5 million views (and counting) of the Hey Hey promo video.

Ready for a US takeover, Dennis Ferrer teams up with legendary New York City house music label Strictly Rhythm for the stunning new package – Hey Hey: The Remixes. This collection takes Ferrer’s gem under the remix knife with brand new interpretations from Deepah Ones, Kaytronik, Tom De Neef, Dim Chris, Crookers, Vandalism and a brand new lead mix from Friscia and Lamboy. To help celebrate this great new release, Strictly Rhythm presents the official music video for Hey Hey that acts as a perfect compliment to this instant classic.

A Grammy Nominee for his “Objektivity Mix" of Dido's Don't Believe In Love, Dennis Ferrer’s trademark is his skillful work with vocals and high production standards. He is considered a “producer’s producer” for crafting house music tracks with real instruments, analog production techniques and proper song structures. This is a rarity at a time when computer production methods are at an all time high. As a result, Dennis Ferrer has found a magic formula in Hey Hey that perfectly captures the classic vocal sound with a look to the future.

Ferrer has always been one to start a movement rather than follow one. Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of afro-centric house, Ferrer was there. And then, when it began to embrace the mix of tech and soul, Ferrer was there again, leading the way with his impeccable productions. And now as the world rediscovers a taste for classic vocal-based house, Dennis Ferrer’s at the forefront with Hey Hey. As Ferrer goes, it seems, so does electronic music – strictly speaking.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Diversity at Into the Hoods press night

Is the public's interest in Diversity waning?
When I heard about this it made me mad: I got a message on my phone saying "Diversity are here [at the Into the Hoods press night] and they brought a film crew."

What's wrong with Diversity watching a show? Nothing actually, I'm sure they get invited to many a show. Observing doesn't hurt anyone. It's the cameras - they came into the auditorium with a film crew, meaning an unavoidable huddle of DV fanatics.

There are ways of publicising an event to get it into the gossip pages, one of them is to invite celebrities along (dancers are NOT celebrities!). It worked when Sadler's Wells invited a press huddle for the press night of Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation  at the Peacock Theatre.

The link between Diversity and Into the Hoods is as follows: Akai is in Into the Hoods; Ashley Banjo of Diversity fame stood drop-jawed at Akai's performance in Got to Dance; Got to Dance series two is auditioning and the interest has to tick over until it airs some point in winter. In the mean time publicity dictates the direction where their careers go (judging opportunities, TV spin offs, and so forth).

But the way it appears is, regardless of the relation to Akai being in this summer's production, by turning up with a film crew (complete with lighting) at someone else's show turns a LOT of attention on you and not on the show itself. Rather than focussing attention on what's happening on stage the attention is diverted away from it.

Why would you want to turn up at another company's event and make it your own? Hmm. Attention seeking? It seems slipping in through the back door and taking your seat is so out of fashion (the Queen is renowned for doing this when visiting the West End to watch shows).
Instead its all about the hype surrounding the celebrity, getting people to pay attention to you and doing it in front of hundreds of people when the original dancing was in fact on stage.

Like lambs to the slaughter fans ended up flooding Diversity rather than recognising Zoonation's contribution to the arts: over an hour's worth of hip hop theatre. People paid for tickets to see the show. Some may feel they got better value for money with a few celebrities showing up

Consider that Akai, last night's main attraction, turned up to Boy Blue's A Nite With Da Bratz a fortnight ago and didn't roll up with a team, just his parents and relatives. What does that say about people recognising entities better than them?

Diversity don't realise how fortunate they are to have won Britain's Got Talent against the choreographic might of Flawless. The keeping up appearances since they won Britain's Got Talent panders between securing successful commercial futures - appearing in the Streetdance 3D movie; Got to Dance judging; Dance4Life sponsorships, etc - to overshadowing others.

For the sake of the future of original street dance, Diversity and the media circus that surround them has to stop.

We've had our  say, now have yours. You can comment using the box below.

Monday, 2 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Mystro - Around My Way download

Click here to download Mystro - Around My Way 

Flying in straight off the back of the monstrously witty 2009 Wrap Up Mystro delivers Around My Way produced by DJ Swerve [Kiss FM / Street Fighter Riddim], the first look into the mind of Digmund Freud taken from the EP of the same name.

The track is classic Mystro. Pitch perfect prose, laced with humour as sharp as… well hmmm something very very sharp!?! I’ll leave the punch lines to Mystro, as it’s clearly what he does best!

Just in case you didn’t know Mystro didn’t just appear out the blue yesterday, he’s done a few laps, some round the world! Having started rapping at the age of 13, after being inspired by the classic “Golden Era” of MCs, he first made his mark building a reputation as one of the UK hip hop’s brightest vocal talents while hosting and performing at a number of the biggest events of the time, including the iconic Kung Fu. He’s also collaborated with a who’s who of British heavy weights, including Black Twang, Rodney P and Ty. He’s released albums in Australia and currently hosts his own TV show on SPINE.TV.

DIGMUND FREUD is the next chapter!

For more on Mystro see

Monday, 19 July 2010

#NewMusicMonday - #Video Flo Rida Club Can't Handle Me (Step Up 3D)

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta [Official Music Video] - Step Up 3D

For more information, including tracklisting, on the Step Up 3D soundtrack, read Step Up 3D soundtrack tracklist – Flo-Rida announced as lead single on AllStreetDance

Atlantic Records are set to release Step Up 3D - Original Motion Soundtrack on July 26, the musical companion to upcoming Touchstone Pictures/Summit Entertainment dance film, which opens in cinemas across the UK on August 6. The soundtrack precedes the lead single Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida (featuring David Guetta), released on August 2.

Step Up 3D is the third in the series of the prestigious dance phenomenon; the coming-of-age feel-good dance romance is set to take this summer by storm. The film stars Harry Shum Jr., Adam Sevani, Ally Maki, Sharni Vinson and Kylie Goldstein and is directed by the award-winning Jon M. Chu. With Step Up’s prior soundtracks (released in 2006 and 2008) now approaching cumulative sales of one million copies, the fresh release stars Estelle, Trey Songz, Flo Rida and many more hot talents in the urban sphere, embodying the fantastic line-up of the film’s previous releases.

Following on from his previous chart success, Grammy nominated Flo Rida has produced a sure-fire hit with Club Can’t Handle Me. Produced by the infamous David Guetta (Britney Spears, Akon, Madonna), the track is currently enjoying support from the likes of Choice, Galaxy, Capital and Kiss FM. 2008 saw the release of the rapper’s #1 4xRIAA platinum-certified dancefloor smash ‘Low (Featuring T-Pain)’ which stayed in the UK charts for over a year! Flo’s 2009’s single Right Round (sample of Dead or Alive’s 1984 single You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)) also debuted at #1 in the UK’s official single charts. Across the pond, the track became the US’ fastest million-selling digital track in history.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Jeppa is DMC Champion 2010

Jeppa is the UK DMC Championships 2010 Winner for the second year in a row.

Host Billy Biznizz described Jeppa's bid for the title as "if someone wants to take the title off his hands they're going to have to fight for it!"

Below are the qualifying rounds showing the order the SHare played.

Down Low
Killer Tomato
Mr Eclipse
Loop Skywalker
Johnny 1 Move

3rd. Johnny 1 Move
2nd. Mike L
1st Jeppa

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

B-Boy Championships 2010 photoshoot

The artwork for the UK B-Boy Championships is being made - and so is a little bit of breaking history! And it's going to look as cool as the pre-visualisation artwork below, if not better. (Read the news story on AllStreetDance)

15 years of the B-Boy Championships and the creative they're putting behind it for its anniversary is surpassing past years.

Yesterday was a ten-hour day (not for me, as I turned up intentionally late) to get the promo for the championships ready. Everybody was in the house, from Soul Mavericks (national champions) to Plague (who had to jet off to Blackpool to rehearse for their show, MJ Timeless), La Familia, with members of Ruthless and Wet Wipez spotted around for additional faces in crowd shots.

The theme of this year's posters isn't just battles, it's all out war! Inspired by classical war paintings, the posters will be packed with action with hundreds of battles taking place.

At the start of the day shots were taken of four main 'hero' dancers in various poses, before additional 'layers' were added to the composition. Adding the layers meant that hundreds of photos had to be taken at different distances and angles from the cameras on what looked like a gaffer taped spider's web on the studio floor. It also meant a few costume changes to appear as different people in other shots.

What had to be done next was a lot of shouting and overreacting to cyphers until the photographers until they were happy with their shot. Here's the cool bit - as I was standing around I was asked if I wanted to be part of it! Somewhere in the background of the new posters you're going to see me overreacting and pulling a silly face at a dancer! To be a background face, even if it's the back of my head, in an anniversary poster for the B-Boy Championships - I'm honoured!

It's going to take around a week to make the poster artwork look perfect, although the graphic designers worked on early versions of the poster, live in the studio.
To give you an idea, the final poster is going to look something like the photo below:

Expect to see more 'making of' footage and photos as soon as we receive them...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Caddy One and the Temple of Hip Hop - Universal Language download with KRS One

Click here to download Caddy One and the Temple of Hip Hop - Universal Language

In honor of KRS ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop, and all the pioneers of Hip Hop culture, Caddy One presents Universal Language. No matter where in the world you are, Hip Hop is the “Universal Language” everyone understands.

Universal Language will be released as a free download, but in addition, we also want to manufacture 1000 limited edition CDs and 1000 limited edition pieces of vinyl and shirts. By supporting Universal Language you will be helping to finance the manufacture of these products and preserve the history of Hip Hop. We will also manufacture an official Temple of Hip Hop Archive DVD by KRS ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop.

In gratitude for your support, Caddy One will send you DVD quality instant downloads of his projects with KRS ONE: Hip Hop Leadership Conference (2005) and How To Stop the Violence (2009).
Click here to find out more.

1. Universal Language intro ft KRS ONE and Suzka (Canada) 02:46

2. "Set yourself free" Ft Dj Snagneto cuts/beat (So cal) 03:01
3. "Got it like that" ft Kimber Lovely beat by Beat Blox (So cal) 02:30
4. "No dumping in space" ft Dj Luke Vicious, beat by C.O.M.B.Z (Switzerland) 04:15
5. "Prelude to a crisis" ft Snagneto on the beat. (So Cal) 03:30
6. Mc Lyte blesses the mic. (So cal) 00:36

7. "The power of future" ft KRS ONE. Beat by The D.O.R.K (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 05:21

8. "Flawed" ft Nazmo on the beat. (Kildare Ireland) 01:409. Caddy One - Freestyle Beat box and Rap (drops from Chali 2na, Super Natural, J Roz) 01:05
10. "Make-Up on your soul" ft NoMad'92 on the beat. (Ile-de-France) 03:20

11. Legendary Ras Kass drops knowledge.. (So Cal) 00:19
12."H1N1 IS NOT REAL!!!" beat by E.Q and LD on the cuts "Technicali" (So Cal) 05:21

13. "Generate the love" (Iskoces) Beat Blox on the beat. (So Cal) 02:08

14."10 Elements of Hip Hop" beat by E.Q. DJ Snagneto on the cuts. (So Cal) 03:3015. "Addictions" beat by E.Q (So Cal) 02:50
16. "Peter the believer" Beat by Oddio 2020 (So Cal) 02:43
17. "Hip Hops Holy Spirit" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 02:58

18. "Rocking into the soul" Beat by DeadBeat (So Cal) 01:50
19. "Tribal minded" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 01:1720. "Night Fall" Ft Virus One (Fribourg/Foggia/Paris Switzerland) Beat by Beat Blox (So Cal) 04:19

21. "Let It Shine" Beat by Dj Supa Dave 02:22
22. "Hip Hop Honor forever" Beat by DeadBeat, ft Kimber Lovley on vocals (So Cal) 04:17

Monday, 28 June 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Dead Prez - Turn Off The Radio Volume 4 Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz free download

Click here to download Dead Prez - Turn Off The Radio Volume 4 Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz

Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4 follows up to last year's Vol. 3 Pulse of the People with Green Lantern. Embodying the hip-hop duo's growth over the last decade, Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz is a result of the journey they have endured being signed to two major labels, touring globally, releasing solo projects, and launching their full multi-media brand Boss Up, Inc. M-1 and bring this refined perspective while still utilizing their traditional take over trademark of flipping mainstream hits as demonstrated with their first two leaks, which are spins on B.O.B's Nothing On You and Drake's Far From Over.

"We wanted to just capture that love for hip hop. To give the people something for the summer that we could let folks know we still here, we doing well and we still growing," says Stic. "The hunger is there, the creativity is there, the flows are there, and the message is there. This is one of my favorite albums in the Turn off the Radio Series."

Reflective of their journey, the project also pays homage to the same Dead Prez that emerged at dawn of the 21st Century on Loud Records, bringing a revolutionary political consciousness to mainstream hip-hop with songs like I'm An African and Police State. Their bold lyrics and style rapidly developed a stronghold that has kept them at the forefront and made them the go to political hip-hop group with an impact that has brought about work with Jay-Z, Dave Chapelle, Kanye West, presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, and countless other artists, academics, and political figures. They have inspired everyone from Nas to T.I. to Drake with their outspoken political audacity and knack for shedding light on life struggles.

This download is available for free from

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships results

Reeps One is Vauxhall Beatbox Championships winner once again.

A report of the event will appear here later today, please keep checking back or fan us.

Below are the results of the event with the winners of each round highlighted in bold.

Wildcard battlesBass 6 v Funktion
Yasson v Beatfox
Motormouf v Unome
Pikey Esquire v Drift

Quarter finals
Funktion v Layth
Yasson v Lucas the Beatbox
Unome v Reeps One
Pikey Esquire v Hobbit

Semi finals
Layth v Reeps One
Yasson v Hobbit

Reeps One v Hobbit

Monday, 21 June 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Dead Prez "Take Over" download

Dead Prez - Takeover 

Click here to download Take Over

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Let's Get Free, Take Over is Dead Prez's spin on Drake's infamous song Far From Over.

Fully exuding their signature mastery of flipping mainstream hits, it is the latest release from Dead Prez's soon to be released Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4 Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz project with DJ Drama.

Read our review of Dead Prez live at KOKO's last year

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tommy Franzen showreel 2010

Tommy Franzén has finished editing his showreel and uploaded it to YouTube.
It mainly consists of clips from So You Think You Can Dance, although there are some other clips of the Pepsi Can Fu advert and his Breakin' Convention appearances that we included in his quick bio as well.

I thought this might be of interest to readers as there are short clips of Tommy in Mamma Mia! which has been a popular search term over the past few months, so for everyone looking for those clips, enjoy!

Tommy Franzén showreel 2010

By the way, I should mention that Tommy will be appearing at Chingford Day Dance Festival on 4 July. Lizzie Gough who starred in So You Think You Can Dance as well as Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation with Tommy is also pencilled in, but not confirmed, yet.
Facebook Fan Page

Monday, 14 June 2010

Dimitri from Paris Philly Sound

Click here to download Get Down With the Philly Sound by Dimitri from Paris sampler

This compilation is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came out from the Philadelphia scene.
The compilation exclusively features five remixes and four edits by Dimitri from Paris.

This release is a historical documentation of the birth of modern dance or nightclub music. Every remixer, DJ and dancefloor has been influenced by the content of this release. Gamble and Huff granted BBE access to multi track tapes for four tracks for Dimitri to create new mixes of their classic recordings.

A Tom Moulton Mix in the style of his legendary Sandpiper mix tapes brought him to the attention of Philly International and Salsoul records and started off the remix, available exclusively from the BBE website using download codes available to physical copy purchases. 

The release will be accompanied by extensive liner notes, pictures, interviews and anecdotes from the legendary players involved in the music.

Disco facts about this sampler:
  • Earl Young is founder of The Trammps and creator of the 4/4 disco drum pattern which laid the template for every dance record since.
  • Recording engineer Joe Tarsia founded Sigma Sound in 1968, and virtually of all the disco recordings released on Philadelphia International, Salsoul, Philly World, Gold Mind and Atlantic were made at his studio.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Catch22 magazine recruiting journalists

Catch 22 are the people behind my motivation as a journalist. Over a year ago, before TooMuchFlavour broke out of it's shell and screamed "Screw it, let's do it!" these guys were here to assist me with a helping hand into journalism.

If it wasn't for them I might have packed writing in, but after 12 week's training with the academy, my attitude changed a lot.

 Catch 22 Magazine recruiting journalists
Interested in the world around you – from your local area to the opposite side of the globe? Love to communicate with people, in any, and every way possible? Recognise how contributing your unique perspective adds up to a well-formed world view?

If you've answered yes to any of the above and are aged between 18-30, then boy have we got some good news for you. Catch 22 isn't just a really hip magazine that's distributed in London every three months. It's also a training academy where aspiring journalists can learn the trade from industry professionals for a tiny fee.

The course is targeted at people who have little or no journalistic experience or training, and are struggling to get their foot in the door of a competitive industry. The Academy offers a basic grounding in print journalism, teaching trainees what to expect of the industry and how to make their mark.

And if that's not enough of an incentive, Catch 22 is funded by media sponsors such as Trinity Mirror, Haymarket and The Economist. As well as providing financial support for the programme, the media partners also offer internships to trainees who have completed the Academy, providing an important first chance to shine.

The deadline for applications to the April Academy cohort is midnight on 18th June. Shortlisted applicants will then be called for interviews at the Academy's headquarters in Seven Sisters, from which 12 students will be chosen.

For more information:
Call: 020 8880 9501

Add Catch 22 on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Beardyman Freestyle Project at the Udderbelly, Southbank Centre

A year ago, the first time I went to a beatboxing jam and knew very little about it, the host, Stig of the Dump, remarked that "this is a real beatboxing jam - some of you have only seen beatboxing watching Beardyman on YouTube!"

Well truth be told... I hadn't seen Beardyman myself! To be fair, it was the first time I'd investigated beatboxing.

All is about to change, however, as following Shlomo's run of Boxed there's not one but two more beatboxing performances as part of the E4 Udderbelly.

Freestyle Project is bringing together beatboxing with slam poetry, emceeing, visuals and guitar for a hip hop mash-up of everything that makes organic hip hop so wonderful.

As your eyes peruse the flyer, you'll see that Stig of the Dump is also in the line up, as is the poet Dizraeli whose talent I have mad respect for (apart from trying to put one past the audience at Shaking Spears). JFB, DMC Champion 2007, is on decks, and 'J'm Black, who I'd offend trying to pronounce his name, is on guitar.
Throw a loop station into the mix and the result is going to be pretty cool!

The Freestyle Project is on Monday 7 June 2010 at the Udderbelly by the Southbank Centre.
It's £14 (Concessions £11) 8:30pm – 10:00pm. Box office: 0871 663 2538

Beardyman Unshaved is the second beatboxing event, a fortnight later on Monday 21. Prepare yourself for a standby ticket, as it's been entirely booked up!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ruby Girls Semi Final video

This is the video from YouTube of Ruby Girls in the semi finals of Britain's Got Talent tonight

As crunch time approaches the judges seem to be on the offensive, particularly Simon Cowell with a "girls are going to hate you" remark.

Ruby Girls are not through to the finals of Britain's Got Talent .

Feel free to drop a comment below.

Monday, 31 May 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Animaineax - Animaineax Fetish video by Tim Fok

This isn't officially a #NewMusicMonday release, but it is a music video and it does feature street dancers

It was filmed by a videographer named Tim Fok, who shot the Animaineax in just one day.


Choreography: Ryan 'Rynamo' Ramirez
Producers: Tim Fok, James Haddock, Alex Keyte

Animaineax Fetish

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Jay from Streetdance 3D: Ukweli Roach aka Quails / Quailbird

"Jay from Streetdance 3D" is the most popular search landing people on the site right now. Although, when you're bare chested on the poster of an international movie its hard not attract that sort of attention. (Read all of our Streetdance 3D blogs here)

People will want to know a little more about Ukweli Roach, or for those in dance, Quails from Birdgang (hint: all of Birdgang's dancers are named after a bird).

On the name tip, the closest translation of 'ukweli' to English comes from the Swahili word for 'truth.' Hopefully we can enlighten you with some truth about who he be. Details of his CV seem a little scarce on the internet, so we've done the research to save you time.

After seeing Ukweli as Jay in Streetdance 3D you might wonder about his career. Dancer? Actor? ... Model? Maybe all of the above?

Ukweli Roach (Jay) at Streetdance 3D DVD launch party premiere

For some, you might have even seen him perform without realising - most recently he was in Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation, which made its début worldwide at the Peacock Theatre before touring Europe, as well as appearing in earlier runs of Into The Hoods.

Ukweli has been dancing professionally since 18, and past jobs included dancing for Mariah Carey, Alexandra Burke and Kylie Minogue.

Ukweli also dances, choreographs and teaches for Birdgang, for which he is also one of the company directors. One example of his finest choreography includes Me and Mrs Jones:

The dancing doesn't stop at street, however. Ukeweli is also capable of tap (as showcased in Blaze), flamenco and Latin, singing in tenor and baritone, playing the trumpet at grade 6 level and speaking conversational Spanish.

While Streetdance 3D is Ukweli's first film, his acting resumé includes Shakespeare, having trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), where he attained a Bachelor of the Arts in acting.

Notable acting appearances whilst at RADA included playing Mr Grisby in The Importance of Being Earnest, Oedipus in Oedipus the King and Achilles in Troilus and Cressida. His Shakespeare performances have seen him grace the stage at The Globe in Helen and Romeo and Juliet.

There's plenty in store for Ukweli. Although a reputable international dancer and battler, his appearance in Streetdance 3D will open the opportunities for pursuing his acting career further, but will that mean leaving dancing behind?

Ukweli's next silver screen appearance is Venus and the Sun - a short film alongside Page 3 model Keeley Hazel and Will Smith (not the Fresh Prince one).

Keep up with Ukeweli on his YouTube

Read our review of Streetdance 3D

Facts are correct at time of publishing.
You can leave your comments/corrections in the box below.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Streetdance 3D cast interviews

Streetdance 3D interviews taken from the production notes with an emphasis on the street dance aspect.
Read our Streetdance 3D review here.

Nichola Burley (left) plays Carly, leader of the street dance troupe that must work with the ballet dancers to be in with a chance of winning the UK Street Dance Championships.
“Carly’s a very sweet girl, but she’s very driven by her dancing ambitions,” says Burley. “She’s not had the luckiest of upbringings but, nevertheless, she has always carried on doing it and it’s always driven her. She’s challenged a lot throughout the film and the exciting and inspiring thing about it is how she overcomes those challenges. Personally, I would be terrified at the thought of having to teach ballet students how to street dance. But she is actually stronger than even she realises. She just needs the encouragement to let that out. And, once she does, she ends up becoming the best that she can be. It’s all about her finding that inner strength, and finding out who she is.”
Carly’s best friend, and a source of much support throughout the film, is Shawna, played by Teneisha Bonner. “Shawna’s a loud mouth,” laughs Bonner. “Her day job is a hairdresser and she’s a straight talking, sassy, sexy kind of a girl. She says it the way it is.” One of the most fun parts about the character is Shawna’s outrageous look.
“She’s very colourful and loves big earrings and crazy wigs,” grins Bonner. “She’s got a wig for every day of the week so I actually wear about eight to ten wigs in the film. It’s a lot of fun playing someone like her.”

Bringing comic relief to the street dance crew are Mack and Boogie, the jokers of the pack.
“It’s really nice to work with a whole bunch of people that totally get you,” says Lex Milczarek, who plays Boogie. “Everyone’s so dedicated and hard working but, at the same time, everyone loves to have a laugh so we have a great time together. There are no egos on set. You do worry that, if you do films, you’re going to get stuck-up types; thespians or whatever. But everyone’s so chilled out and we get on really well. Which is great because we play a crew so we’re supposed to be like family.”

Bradley Charles, who plays Frankie, originally joined the project as assistant to Kenrick Sandy, the film’s street dance choreographer. “Kenrick and I were running the auditions when they saw me dance and asked me to audition for a role in the film,” Charles explains. “So I did a screen reading and a dance audition, then they offered me the role. It all happened by chance.
Frankie is one of the film’s more serious roles. He’s unhappy about Jay leaving the crew, and is extremely unsupportive of Carly’s attempts to take over as leader. “He feels that he would have been a better choice to lead the crew,” reveals Charles. “He gets in a huff about it, has a go at Carly and then leaves the crew. But he’s ambitious so he eventually comes back because he wants to win the competition.”

Frankie’s girlfriend is Steph, the role created for internationally renowned b-girl Steph Nguyen, who appeareed in Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation earlier this year.
“The character is basically me,” explains Steph. “Although the costumes are a little more sexy than I would normally wear! I wanted to be a part of this film because dance is my passion, it’s my life.”

Rounding off the street dance crew are Aimee (Sacha Chang) and Justine (Danielle 'Rhimes' Lecointe, also of the London Waacktitioners):
“Justine sings in the church choir and her mum thinks that she’s an angel,” explains Rhimes. “Little does she know that her Justine can be really bossy, with a big personality. The rest of the crew call her Big Justine.”

As for Aimee? “She’s basically a bit of a bitch,” laughs Chang. “She spends a lot of time bitching with Justine.”

Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson had the role of Eddie created especially for him.
“Eddie’s a lot like me,” he admits. “He’s quite cheeky and he really wants to be in Carly’s crew. He’s got a bit of a crush on her too. But, no matter how hard he tries to get involved, she says no.”
Eddie gets his chance to show what he can do on the dancefloor, despite Carly’s best efforts to prevent him.
“He doesn’t so much get his chance as make his chance,” says Sampson. “Not being biased, but he is the best character!”

Sampson had already worked with the directors, so he felt at home on set.
“Max and Dania directed my music video, Headz Up, last year,” he explains. “So they asked me to do a screen test to see if I could act and, luckily, they thought I could. This is my first film and I’d love to do more. I’m so excited to be involved with this because it’s the first British dance movie.”

George Sampson - Headz Up video

Sampson cites his inspiration as not only the usual suspects of Usher and Justin Timberlake, but also his childhood dance teacher. “His name was Swanny and he was my biggest inspiration,” says Sampson. “He has passed away now, but it was him that made me want to do it. He was in one of the first break-dancing crews that danced in Manchester’s Hacienda in the 1980s. It’s because of him that my style is quite old

Rhimes is extremely excited about the emerging popularity of street dance in the UK and thinks that Sampson’s springboard, Britain’s Got Talent, is partly responsible.
“Britain’s Got Talent is watched and voted for by not just the kind of people that you would expect to be into street dance, but by normal British people sitting at home on a Saturday night.” she says. “Dance has a wider appeal now because it has evolved, it’s got younger. And it’s entertaining for people. For me, it’s a passion. I teach a lot of young people and I’m always telling them, if you’re going to do this, it has to be from your heart.
And, as the passion grows, people inspire each other. A lot of films about young people in Britain are all about the ghetto and knives and guns. But we’ve come into this industry trying to inspire young people to be ambitious about something.”

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Choreographing Streetdance 3D

A selection from the Streetdance 3D production notes with an emphasis on the street dance aspect.
Read our Streetdance 3D review here.

“I had met Kate Prince soon after her show Into The Hoods,” explains Richardson, producer of Streetdance 3D. “I loved the show and wanted her and Kenrick Sandy involved from the start. The idea was for Kenrick to cover the key street dance scenes, while the ballet would be overseen by Will Tuckett, an internationally renowned ballet dancer and choreographer who Kate Prince brought in, best known for his work with The Royal Ballet and films such as the acclaimed Channel 4 series Ballet Hoo. Then Kate would be responsible for the other scenes: all the dance storytelling and the finale when the two dance forms are fused.”

Kate Prince, who is the founder of ZooNation UK dance company and recently choreographed So You Think You Can Dance for the BBC, knew that working on her first film would throw up some new and exciting challenges.
“Working with non-dancers was by far the greatest challenge,” she says. “And the 3D element was very new for me. I had to think about the camera shots and what moves would come out of the camera more.”

Kenrick Sandy established Boy Blue Entertainment in 2001, along with his friend Mikey Asante, when they realised there was a hunger for dance in East London.
“It was never an ambition to create a company,” he explains. “It was more to facilitate our love for dance, and other people’s love for dance.”

Since then, Sandy has seen how street dance has transformed the lives of the young people he has worked with.
“Dance enables people to be stronger characters,” he says. “Whether people dance as a career or as a hobby, they take away a sense of discipline and enhanced self-esteem from dancing, and they’re able to apply that to other areas of their lives. We show people how to express themselves and allow themselves to let go.”

Sandy was excited about the project from the moment James Richardson approached him with the idea. “This is the very first UK street dance film,” he grins. “America has had lots of them so, for me, it felt important to be involved in it. I’m happy that it’s happened, even more so because the market for dance has grown ridiculously. It’s coming out in the right year, at the right time, when dancers are getting more exposure. Plus, it’s an opportunity to show how different styles of dance are actually very similar to each other. When you think of street dance, you think of working class kids on the street and youth centres. With ballet, you think of the upper classes. And what this film shows is that, ultimately, dance is dance. We’re all the same. It’s about breaking down those boundaries.”

Nichola Burley as a street dancer 
Sandy admits that, at first, he was wary about working with Nichola Burley, who had previously had no street dance training.
“I thought Nichola was a very big gamble,” he says. “As the main character, she had to be top class in dance. So I told her to come down to all my sessions and classes before we started rehearsals for the film. She was always there, at the back, training with the Boy Blue dancers. She even did a performance with us at Hackney Empire because I wanted her to understand what it’s like to be in front of an audience. She felt the pressure because she’s the main girl so she was worried about letting everyone down. There were quite a few times she felt like giving up and there were tears. But I was not playing. I told her: ‘Stop crying. You’re the star. Even at your lowest, your troupe cannot see you like this.’ I had to speak to her numerous times on set. But, by the end, people will be surprised to know that she wasn’t a dancer before this. I’m really proud of her.”

Ballet vs Boy Blue?

Will Tuckett has worked with some of the best ballet dancers in the world, but he was still blown away when he saw the street dancers do their thing.
“I’ve been in dance for a long time, as a career, and it’s rare that you sit there and a grin comes across your face because you can’t quite believe what somebody’s actually doing in front of you,” he says, in awe. “They were just extraordinary and, not only that, but they were completely lovely.”

Was he tempted to try out a few of the street dance moves? “I did try,” he laughs, “but I looked like a tit. I’m past 40 now, and that’s the age I should have stopped trying to do that kind of dancing.”

In an echo of the film’s plot, the two experts in very different styles of dance forged an unlikely bond. “Kenrick is a total dude,” laughs Tuckett. “He’s annoyingly good-looking, really cool and basically all the things that I wish I could be but never will. I wear tweed and generally look like a bit of a git. Then he comes in, all laidback and softly spoken. And, when he starts dancing, he’s a complete knockout. Also, he’s incredibly positive and never loses his cool.”

But it won’t be the last that the two choreographers see of each other.
“Kenrick and I have been talking about working together again, which was totally unexpected,” says Tuckett. “It would be lovely to do something else with him. And if I hadn’t have done this film, with its whole hybrid dance element, then we would never have crossed paths. It was a fantastic experience.”

Richard Winsor - Ballet boy to breaker
“There’s a scene where I do a bit of breaking, which I have never done before in my life,” he laughs.

“It’s actually given me a passion for it. The music is so gripping. When you have that beat on really loud, you can’t not move. Obviously I’m not the best street dancer, but I can see why people become really passionate about it. Working on this film has completely transformed my view of street dance. I mean, I’ve always loved watching that kind of dance, and acts like Diversity or Flawless, but actually being part of it and learning about the history and origins of it. It’s been a real pleasure.”

For all the ballet dancers’ hard work, Jennifer Leung, who plays Bex, admits that she was impressed by the dedication of the street dancers.
“Street dance is very technical,” she remarks. “It’s actually more similar to ballet than you might think, because both styles are about strength and discipline. The street dancers were constantly working out and practising in between takes. Then there’s me, Sianad and Rachel sitting around drinking cups of tea and eating biscuits!”
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