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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Traces 7 fingers video

Check out this video of the circus performers from The 7 Fingers at Kings Cross to promote Traces.

The 7 fingers (correct Canadian-French name - 7 doigts de la main) have to be one of the most amazing acts that have I that aren't street dancers.

As I've already seen them three times (once at Sadler's Wells Sampled, once in Traces and once for their most recent show, Psy) i didn't see a reason to run another preview on the Traces, but that hasn't stopped it being one of our most searched for reviews.

That doesn't mean each time it comes to town you should miss it though! Like a cross between circus and b-boying, the gymnastics in 7 Fingers achieve stunts you won't believe and probably sets them back a few bob in life insurance!

Read our review of Traces here, and you can buy tickets from Ticket Master here (tickets from £10).

Traces is at the Peacock Theatre until 30 October

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