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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

30 fans on 30th December!

Hey fans of Too Much Flavour, things have been quiet for a minute at 2MF Towers, much like a dormant volcano. But dormant volcanoes always end up erupting sooner or later!

So here's an 'eruption' of updates for everyone:

30 'fans' - I've looked at the fan statistics, and a lot of you are people I don't know personally - excellent! You're the market I'm targeting outside my friendship group. Big shout out to you guys. Everyone else, please add Too Much Flavour to your favourite pages box on your profile.

MySpace - Nowhere near as active as Facebook is these days, it's still a place to network.
is the profile, I await your friend requests.

Website - EXCLUSIVE only to fans of Too Much Flavour facebook, I reveal to you the website address:
While SOME pages are up, some content hasn't been uploaded yet. Patience! Drop comments on my profile or Wall.

Competitions - Details will be announced soon. Contribute to Too Much Flavour and be in with a chance of winning goodies. Good times!

Contact - I'm bracing myself for a flooded inbox, if you have something you think is suitable for us, forward it to to keep me posted!

2009 - Just round the corner, Too Much Flavour will be ready to go fully live. I hope everyone has an excellent New Year, and I'll see you guys on the other side of 2008 :)


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