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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

30 fans on 30th December!

Hey fans of Too Much Flavour, things have been quiet for a minute at 2MF Towers, much like a dormant volcano. But dormant volcanoes always end up erupting sooner or later!

So here's an 'eruption' of updates for everyone:

30 'fans' - I've looked at the fan statistics, and a lot of you are people I don't know personally - excellent! You're the market I'm targeting outside my friendship group. Big shout out to you guys. Everyone else, please add Too Much Flavour to your favourite pages box on your profile.

MySpace - Nowhere near as active as Facebook is these days, it's still a place to network.
is the profile, I await your friend requests.

Website - EXCLUSIVE only to fans of Too Much Flavour facebook, I reveal to you the website address:
While SOME pages are up, some content hasn't been uploaded yet. Patience! Drop comments on my profile or Wall.

Competitions - Details will be announced soon. Contribute to Too Much Flavour and be in with a chance of winning goodies. Good times!

Contact - I'm bracing myself for a flooded inbox, if you have something you think is suitable for us, forward it to to keep me posted!

2009 - Just round the corner, Too Much Flavour will be ready to go fully live. I hope everyone has an excellent New Year, and I'll see you guys on the other side of 2008 :)



Thursday, 31 July 2008

Next issue - news, features and new page fans needed!!

What's up guys?

Flav', editor of Too Much Flavour here!

August is just around the corner; pinches and punches will be dealt out ritually to welcome the new month.

Meanwhile, at 2MF Towers, we're putting together a plan for a new issue!
Thus far it is unclear whether it will be an entirely new issue, or a bigger edition of the present issue, kind of like an issue '1.5' - this is because the circulation of the present issue is tiny - seen only by the select few it has been sent to for promotional purposes.

Having a tiny readership was never on the books for 2MF, so to hail in the new month, we'll be starting to push out the project further, and to do that, we need the help of the fans - that's you!

If you know anyone in the industry, be they dancers, writers, event organisers, or just fans of hip hop dance, we want to hear from you!!
In this instance, anything is useful that we can check out for consideration in the magazine, including classes, competitions, school shows, urban events or local get downs - we want to know all about it!

Send/fwd what ever you may have to toomuchflavour@btinternet.
com or message them through to us on facebook.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Peace and flavour, all.

Dave / Flav'

Monday, 14 July 2008

'Too Much Flavour' is grade-A material!!

Dear fans of 'Too Much Flavour' (2MF).

This evening I received an email by my tutor announcing that 2MF has been graded 70% - that's a first in university terms!

Which such credibility behind it, hopefully 2MF can take off as a serious magazine some time in the future :)

Just letting the fans know - spread the word, and help get 2MF to where it wants to be!!


Friday, 30 May 2008

And so it begins!

Yesterday, Thursday 29th May, I've FINALLY handed in my project, Too Much Flavour (2MF)!!

It's taken me about 3 months to finish - not bad, considering I've never created a magazine from scratch before, and I know I can only get better at doing it after seeing the final version - yet to be unleashed in all its urban form to the general public!!

For all those that don't know here's a breakdown of it:

  • I am doing a journalism course.
  • I am in the third year, and rather than doing a dissertation, I have done a project.
  • The project is a digital magazine, focusing on urban dance and culture, focusing on dance and positivity, not bling bling and industrial lies!
  • That means you have to download it! This will be as soon as I find web hosting. Or, if you want a physical copy, some will be printed out. Just email and leave your details.
  • I want everyone interested in dance, who does dance or dance events, anyone in press, or anyone who I've ever known to have a look and give me their opinions. I will be using it to show employers an example of the standard of work I can produce.
  • Be a fan of it at!
Now I have submitted it to be marked, I can make move on promoting it, getting it recognised, getting support and spreading the word on this. I don't want to be a Piers Morgan by any means, but if I'm going to make it big, will need the exposure.

This blog is going to track how it all goes. Join me, on my journey, my friends/associates/stalkers...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

5 fans and counting!

For a n00b to facebook this is an achievement... what, you expect me to act like I have a life outside these four walls when I've spent the last week putting the mag together??
Anyway, 5 is nowhere near enough to achieving the metaphorical dream just yet, so I implore you all to post my page on your profile.

Muchos Gracias,

Dave the Flav' of 2MF
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