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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Jay from Streetdance 3D: Ukweli Roach aka Quails / Quailbird

"Jay from Streetdance 3D" is the most popular search landing people on the site right now. Although, when you're bare chested on the poster of an international movie its hard not attract that sort of attention. (Read all of our Streetdance 3D blogs here)

People will want to know a little more about Ukweli Roach, or for those in dance, Quails from Birdgang (hint: all of Birdgang's dancers are named after a bird).

On the name tip, the closest translation of 'ukweli' to English comes from the Swahili word for 'truth.' Hopefully we can enlighten you with some truth about who he be. Details of his CV seem a little scarce on the internet, so we've done the research to save you time.

After seeing Ukweli as Jay in Streetdance 3D you might wonder about his career. Dancer? Actor? ... Model? Maybe all of the above?

Ukweli Roach (Jay) at Streetdance 3D DVD launch party premiere

For some, you might have even seen him perform without realising - most recently he was in Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation, which made its début worldwide at the Peacock Theatre before touring Europe, as well as appearing in earlier runs of Into The Hoods.

Ukweli has been dancing professionally since 18, and past jobs included dancing for Mariah Carey, Alexandra Burke and Kylie Minogue.

Ukweli also dances, choreographs and teaches for Birdgang, for which he is also one of the company directors. One example of his finest choreography includes Me and Mrs Jones:

The dancing doesn't stop at street, however. Ukeweli is also capable of tap (as showcased in Blaze), flamenco and Latin, singing in tenor and baritone, playing the trumpet at grade 6 level and speaking conversational Spanish.

While Streetdance 3D is Ukweli's first film, his acting resumé includes Shakespeare, having trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), where he attained a Bachelor of the Arts in acting.

Notable acting appearances whilst at RADA included playing Mr Grisby in The Importance of Being Earnest, Oedipus in Oedipus the King and Achilles in Troilus and Cressida. His Shakespeare performances have seen him grace the stage at The Globe in Helen and Romeo and Juliet.

There's plenty in store for Ukweli. Although a reputable international dancer and battler, his appearance in Streetdance 3D will open the opportunities for pursuing his acting career further, but will that mean leaving dancing behind?

Ukweli's next silver screen appearance is Venus and the Sun - a short film alongside Page 3 model Keeley Hazel and Will Smith (not the Fresh Prince one).

Keep up with Ukeweli on his YouTube

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  2. ukweli roach is so sexy, i couldn't stop biting my lip whenever he appeared on street dance 3d. He dances so sexy too- that me and mrs jones one is making me orgasm lol

  3. i loveee ukweli roach! sooo fit! <3 love to meet him one day


  5. soooooo fucking gorgeous too yummy sajhaohqfP

  6. fuck off everyone hes mine sexy ukweli roach

  7. omg...i am soo glad my friend faye and i was nt the only ones that thought that he was sexy... in that film...phwaor he was just sex on legs

  8. i love u ukweli roach u r so good i love u:D


  9. crazy me and mrs jones is awful

  10. i love u & your dance moves

  11. OMG.. His fukin FIT!! Soo HOT!!!

  12. crazy about you Ukweli Roach, the way you dance is incredible

  13. OMG! i would go out with UKWELI ROACH enyday, he is so fit..... carnt stop keeping my eyes off him, NOM NOM. :P XX


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