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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer and vocalists in the T-Mobile advert Welcome Home?

The T-Mobile Welcome Home advert has beatboxers in it! A week after Faith SFX 'appeared' as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert, beatboxing has made it into another commercial! T-Mobile Welcome Home. Flashmobs are cool, but this is better!

Video: T-Mobile Welcome Home advert

No doubt once again it's time for some beatboxing trivia: Who are the beatboxers in the T-Mobile advert?

It's ok, I've done the homework.

With thanks to Hobbit (Beatbox Championships finalist 2010 and the soundscape provider of Ghost Boy) on the HumanBeatBox forum, I (although really, he) can reveal the beatboxers are Lianhart, Bellatrix, Andy Frost and Toby from Swingle Singers.

Swingle Singers

Turns out the Swingle Singers are familiar with covert flash mobs too, having plugged Lovebox on the London Underground.

Video: Swingle Singers: Expect the Unexpected


This video of Lianheart is sure to blow. Your. Mind. ONE video on his YouTube channel. 100,000 video views!
Video: Lianheart - Human Beatbox Sample


Here is Bellatrix (the one who scratched during Return of the Mack), who beatboxes with the amazing vocal group The Boxettes.
Video: Bellatrix interview

Unfortunately as of when this blog was posted you'd have missed Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra at the Southbank Centre so I guess the only way to know the next beatboxing event is to Like TooMuchFlavour on Facebook and look out for updates!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Flawless fans are more stupid than Diversity fans!

The old Diversity vs Flawless debate is one that won't die down in street dance. We all know who should have won, right? Yet whenever one says one group name should have won, someone else says the other. So I've found a unit of measurement and a scale that works. Sort of.
Statistically fans of Flawless are more stupid that those of Diversity. At least according to this site that measures up a sample of 100 tweets directed at two twitter accounts.

The results? Presently Diversity score 267 (out of 1,000) - nearly "thick as two planks" while Flawless score an incredible 875 - "dumb as a bag of hammers."

Have a go:

OK, it's only a bit of fun and the results will constantly change, but it's still a laugh having a mess around and entering different celebrity's Twitter names and seeing what the results are. Tom Scott, the guy who programmed the app, created it because:

"A lot of people on Twitter are stupid. Many of these people follow celebrities and try to send them messages. But which celebrity's fans are most stupid? It's time to find out."

Oh by the way, you can now pre-order Flawless: Chase the Dream and Diversity: Street Dance Workout from Amazon now - watch out for our run down of the latest street dance DVDs to hit the shelves, coming soon over at the main TooMuchFlavour site.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert?

Have you heard the Argos beatboxing advert? It's badd with two Ds!

Video: Argos beatboxing advert - Bing Crosby White Christmas

A classical scene featuring Bing Crosby holding his microphone in hand about to grace awaiting families at Christmas with a crooning song before breaking into beatboxing! Badd! Not too sure how well it scores for relevant audience, but I'll leave the critiques to the experts, I like the fact beatboxing will be seen by millions.

People will soon be asking who is the beatboxer in the Argos advert?
A lot of people might wrongly think it's Beardyman, but Beardyman has a different style. I have reason to believe it's this guy (see update below to find out who it actually is):
MC Zani, 2008 beatboxing champion. The dude's toured with Jay Sean and more, plus judged at this year's Vauxhall Beatbox Championships 2010.

By the way, Zani's got his own Stylophone Beatbox machine, which Argos don't actually stock!

I was mistaken. Just found out the beatboxer FaithSFX, world beatbox heavyweight.
Video: Faith SFX freestyling in the studio

'Nuff respect. Faith also has the respect of Kool DJ Herc backing him up. Said Herc: "Faith SFX is the best thing coming out of the UK at the moment."


By the way you can read all our beatboxing articles on the main TooMuchFlavour site.

Thanks to AJ for bringing this to my attention.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Traces 7 fingers video

Check out this video of the circus performers from The 7 Fingers at Kings Cross to promote Traces.

The 7 fingers (correct Canadian-French name - 7 doigts de la main) have to be one of the most amazing acts that have I that aren't street dancers.

As I've already seen them three times (once at Sadler's Wells Sampled, once in Traces and once for their most recent show, Psy) i didn't see a reason to run another preview on the Traces, but that hasn't stopped it being one of our most searched for reviews.

That doesn't mean each time it comes to town you should miss it though! Like a cross between circus and b-boying, the gymnastics in 7 Fingers achieve stunts you won't believe and probably sets them back a few bob in life insurance!

Read our review of Traces here, and you can buy tickets from Ticket Master here (tickets from £10).

Traces is at the Peacock Theatre until 30 October

Friday, 8 October 2010

Just Dance launch party celebrity photos

Last night was the Just Dance 2 launch party at Club Valbonne, Picadilly, London, so I figured a dark nightclub might be a good place to take the camera out on a spin and do a bit of celebrity spotting. Prepare yourself for some dodgy page layouts so the photos can be squeezed in. This isn't a report, just some amateur photo journalism...

By the way, don't forget to read our Just Dance 2 review here

Rock up the stairs and you're greeted with disco disco cutouts, then bowl over to the dance floor and there are real life Just Dance 2 dancers!
Meanwhile, the mirrors had some pretty Just Dance decals stuck to them.
No expenses were spared with the branded napkins either....
Wiis were readily available to try out the game on...
These guys were on beat...
Ready for the celebrities?
Alexandra Burke

Sophie Ellis Bextor
Zoe Salmon (Blue Peter presenter)
Event Designer of the Launch Party Sara Golec (Bespoke Events)

Finally, three women who said they'd remember TooMuchFlavour so they could see this photo. If you see this, get in touch.
Just Dance 2 is out next Friday. Pre-order it on Amazon!

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