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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Michael Jackson Experience for Wii

Michael Jackson Experience trailer

Does this not look epic? If not a little scary by the perma-smiles on the faces of the people dancing in the advert, but I'm talking about the game!

The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii looks quite good. Since playing Just Dance 2 a few weeks back on the Wii I've been able to experience the joy and challenge of motion sensing games - but this time you can be Michael Jackson!

Much of the Michael Jackson Experience has been kept under wraps as the Jackson Estate has been working closely with the producers, but the teaser clips they've released more recently seem to show the moves will be a lot more technical than Just Dance - which I like (some dances on Just Dance are more like dance warm ups than routines - in other words, too easy for the advanced dancer!). This one's going to be a challenge!

While Just Dance had original ideas for each of its routines, every song in the MJ Experience is a homage to each video, my favourite teaser being the duet from the Moonwalker film, above.

Apparently the game is to be released on the PS3 Move, Nintendo DS and PSP (your guess is as good as mine how that'll work) as well as the X-Box Kinect, which if I could afford, would be even better. So far though no official footage has been released, only a couple of grainy YouTube videos from video game conventions.

Michael Jackson Experience is out on 26 November. Buy from Amazon.
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