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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Caddy One and the Temple of Hip Hop - Universal Language download with KRS One

Click here to download Caddy One and the Temple of Hip Hop - Universal Language

In honor of KRS ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop, and all the pioneers of Hip Hop culture, Caddy One presents Universal Language. No matter where in the world you are, Hip Hop is the “Universal Language” everyone understands.

Universal Language will be released as a free download, but in addition, we also want to manufacture 1000 limited edition CDs and 1000 limited edition pieces of vinyl and shirts. By supporting Universal Language you will be helping to finance the manufacture of these products and preserve the history of Hip Hop. We will also manufacture an official Temple of Hip Hop Archive DVD by KRS ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop.

In gratitude for your support, Caddy One will send you DVD quality instant downloads of his projects with KRS ONE: Hip Hop Leadership Conference (2005) and How To Stop the Violence (2009).
Click here to find out more.

1. Universal Language intro ft KRS ONE and Suzka (Canada) 02:46

2. "Set yourself free" Ft Dj Snagneto cuts/beat (So cal) 03:01
3. "Got it like that" ft Kimber Lovely beat by Beat Blox (So cal) 02:30
4. "No dumping in space" ft Dj Luke Vicious, beat by C.O.M.B.Z (Switzerland) 04:15
5. "Prelude to a crisis" ft Snagneto on the beat. (So Cal) 03:30
6. Mc Lyte blesses the mic. (So cal) 00:36

7. "The power of future" ft KRS ONE. Beat by The D.O.R.K (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 05:21

8. "Flawed" ft Nazmo on the beat. (Kildare Ireland) 01:409. Caddy One - Freestyle Beat box and Rap (drops from Chali 2na, Super Natural, J Roz) 01:05
10. "Make-Up on your soul" ft NoMad'92 on the beat. (Ile-de-France) 03:20

11. Legendary Ras Kass drops knowledge.. (So Cal) 00:19
12."H1N1 IS NOT REAL!!!" beat by E.Q and LD on the cuts "Technicali" (So Cal) 05:21

13. "Generate the love" (Iskoces) Beat Blox on the beat. (So Cal) 02:08

14."10 Elements of Hip Hop" beat by E.Q. DJ Snagneto on the cuts. (So Cal) 03:3015. "Addictions" beat by E.Q (So Cal) 02:50
16. "Peter the believer" Beat by Oddio 2020 (So Cal) 02:43
17. "Hip Hops Holy Spirit" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 02:58

18. "Rocking into the soul" Beat by DeadBeat (So Cal) 01:50
19. "Tribal minded" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 01:1720. "Night Fall" Ft Virus One (Fribourg/Foggia/Paris Switzerland) Beat by Beat Blox (So Cal) 04:19

21. "Let It Shine" Beat by Dj Supa Dave 02:22
22. "Hip Hop Honor forever" Beat by DeadBeat, ft Kimber Lovley on vocals (So Cal) 04:17

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