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Friday, 22 May 2009

Why don't you come see how we're doing?

Remember the other day I said the site was being updated?

Why not have a look at how it's going (still in testing process) at the Breakin' Convention section of the site?

I've incorporated a few of the new things to these pages including the new header and colour scheme, plus the widgets I've been giving so many props to (for this I thank Twitter!), meaning you can view updates of the BC tour as they're posted.

It's still a work in progress, but feel free to express your opinions.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A change gon' come

With that change you're guaranteed faster loading times and fewer page errors.

That's right, TooMuchFlavour will undergo a gradual facelift over the next week to bring the site design more in line with the promo material we put out - how many people here have I handed a flyer or business card to, only for you to visit the site and it looks nothing like the flyer design? EXACTLY!

Originally the site was made with pre-designed templates which were modified by me, which explains why the page image loads over another page image! The new design will fix this, and stop distorting the background (the 'grimey' theme has got to go!).

Page dimensions will now stretch the full width of a standard PC monitor (1024 pixels) giving more space and less clutter, and the use of widgets will simplify site updates by linking to the 2MF news Twitter, provide tidier advertising, and allow you to sample and buy MP3s from Amazon.

Some of the pages have already undergone a transformation. The biggest change will be the home page. To simplify things, all pages converted to the new style will keep the same address as before, so old links won't die.

The redesigned site is going to creep up on you... watch out for it!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Tweet Tweet!

Twitter is a bit like Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it.

Keeping up with the trends (even though I knew of it before the 'bandwagonning' it's getting now), I've set up a Twitter page.

At the moment I've added a 'widget' to the site's home page where you can view the latest tweets. When I redesign the site it will seamlessly interweave into the very fabric of TooMuchFlavour.

And in case you missed that hint - TooMuchFlavour is getting a redesign.

So Tweeters, if you're on there, find me.

"toomuchflavour" or just click the link.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Post-Breakin' Convention Updates!

I *heart* Breakin' Convention, enough to dedicate 1000+ words to the matter (unlike the newspapers...)

Going that one step further, I took it upon myself to get down to Sadler's Wells on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (even though I didn't have a ticket!) Sunday AND Monday, right through to the after party so I could immerse myself in the whole festival!

There was a lot of BC love. All of the artists performing found time to sign autographs and chat with fans (even though some got murked!), and what's better, they even found the time to talk with me - on camera!

Check out the review of BC'09 and see if you made it into the vox pops reel



Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Breakin' Convention 2009 - Last part of Jonzi's Diary (for London, at least)

Good evening 'fans' of Too Much Flavour.

If like me you went to the Breakin' Convention after party last night you'll be experiencing the same disrupted body clock I am right now. The party didn't stop 'til 3 in the mooorning with true LEGENDS partying with the fans.

Ken Swift and the VII Gems, Mr Wiggles, Salah and the gravity defying Junior were all in the place to be, while members of Flying Steps were seen hanging at the bar, Company Salama and Lil' Tim threw down in the circles.

It was something else.

The after party sadly meant the end of the London BC festival before the tour (it's already at Wycombe as I type) meaning it was the last video diary I could do. Keep yourself entertained by watching the video (linked to this update) and peeping the photos from around the venue on the Facebook page.



Monday, 4 May 2009

New BC'09 episodes up on YouTube

Breeeaaakin' Convention!!

For those of you who couldn't get tickets to BC'09, you can peep the coverage at the main Too Much Flavour site with the BC'09 playlist loaded on the home page, or the dedicated Jonzi's Diary page.

More videos will go up as I edit them (none of the actual show)!


Friday, 1 May 2009

Breakin' Convention updates! IT IS SOLD OUT!

Hey! Your first update is in the title - there are no more tickets for the London leg of the London leg of the BC tour. If you want a ticket that badly, you'll have to wait in a very long returned ticket queue!

Following that, the ENORMOUS mural at Sadler's Wells is being finished off as I type. Photos can be found in the Breakin' Convention album on the Too Much Flavour Page. It scales from the top floor down to the lower mezzanine. Even if you don't have tickets, you should still pop in to Sadler's just to see it.

Aaand thirdly, I caught up with Jonzi D yesterday to film the next entry of the critically acclaimed (on a somewhat minor scale) Jonzi's Diary.

I'll see you on the other side of the weekend, with news, photos, and reviews.


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