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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

George Sampson's mobile phone number is up - or at least the phone numbers of his fans are - on Twitter

You'll have to excuse me for the slightly misleading headline: This blog is about George Sampson's mobiles phone numbers, although whether you'll find it here depends on whether you're one of the 'lucky' fans he called up the other night. He'll have certainly collected a few numbers the other night.

For some of you reading this it will be a lesson in online safety. Please keep reading...

One blogger at The Ap of Crap (hardly national press, but read on because at least they took the time of day to flag this up) has expressed their disappointment at George Sampson and his fan's behaviour while he was broadcasting live interviews over Twitter with his fans.
I wasn't exactly looking for it, but when someone in your feed puts up their phone number and it has after it (@georgesampson live on I knew it could only end badly.
He said. At this point I was curious too, so I read on.
The only downside is that everyone on Twitter or watching that stream could see everyone else's number. Not the best idea when your loyal fan club is under 16...
Ouch! Check out the screen grab showing Sampson calling one of his friends on his mobile:
A few weeks ago I put up a blog comparing Flawless fans to Diversity fans as a bit of fun, but this one is straight worrying, both in part to the lack of intelligence some of George's fans possess by putting their mobile phone numbers ON TWITTER (check out the Metropolitan Police's advice on staying safe online here) and that he maybe went too far in calling them up - I just hope he did so off private number.

A George Sampson fan on Twitter is easy to identify: The use of the terms "Sampson" or "GS" in their username, mentions of George in their profile information and when he tweeted them and the abundance of obsessive tweets like "I've just woken up. @georgesampson would love to know that!!"

The trouble is many haven't yet grasped that they're exposing their personal details to the world each time they post details like their mobile phone number, email or whereabouts on Twitter - those people's mobile numbers can still be found on Twitter if you know how to look.

With any luck they'll have changed their Twitter settings to private and dumped their old SIM card.

George Sampson recently took part in an anti-bullying promotion for the BBC's Newsround just over a fortnight ago. If more people had seen this gaffe and could point out the irony between that and the recent webchat, maybe we'd all be a bit more like Ap of Crap.

It'd be interesting knowing what Sampson's management think about this. Will they address it? Or perhaps George will realise the error of his ways. If anyone wants to bring this to their attention, I invite you to comment on this blog.

Check out the original Ap of Crap George Sampson post here.


  1. I think you are being a little bit dramatic. Sure it's innappropriate for kids to be putting their numbers out for the world to see. But he himself is still a kid, he's only been in "showbiz" for two years really. That's not very long to get used to all the girls fawning over him. I don't think it was wrong of him to call them, he was just having fun. And really I see no revelance to him going to a meeting about bullying, and then calling peoples numbers. Zero. He wasn't bullying anyone just being silly. I didn't read anything about him asking for their numbers so I am assuming they did it on their own accord. I wouldn't get my panties in a wad if I were you.

  2. He might not be bullying people on Twitter but his MOTHER does on her facebook! Wonder what his management team would say about her openly encouraging mocking 14 year old a few weeks back becuase she fainted over George and her previously arguing over facebook with A2AA ex members for example, or telling the fans to get off her page and stop writing rubbish, just some examples.....she then encourages the 4000 people on there to join in.....nothing like airing your dirty laundry in public! Well Done Lesley Sampson doing you son wonders


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