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Friday, 15 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert?

Have you heard the Argos beatboxing advert? It's badd with two Ds!

Video: Argos beatboxing advert - Bing Crosby White Christmas

A classical scene featuring Bing Crosby holding his microphone in hand about to grace awaiting families at Christmas with a crooning song before breaking into beatboxing! Badd! Not too sure how well it scores for relevant audience, but I'll leave the critiques to the experts, I like the fact beatboxing will be seen by millions.

People will soon be asking who is the beatboxer in the Argos advert?
A lot of people might wrongly think it's Beardyman, but Beardyman has a different style. I have reason to believe it's this guy (see update below to find out who it actually is):
MC Zani, 2008 beatboxing champion. The dude's toured with Jay Sean and more, plus judged at this year's Vauxhall Beatbox Championships 2010.

By the way, Zani's got his own Stylophone Beatbox machine, which Argos don't actually stock!

I was mistaken. Just found out the beatboxer FaithSFX, world beatbox heavyweight.
Video: Faith SFX freestyling in the studio

'Nuff respect. Faith also has the respect of Kool DJ Herc backing him up. Said Herc: "Faith SFX is the best thing coming out of the UK at the moment."


By the way you can read all our beatboxing articles on the main TooMuchFlavour site.

Thanks to AJ for bringing this to my attention.

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