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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Who Killed Deon campaign video

When you run a hip hop website there's always a stigma attached to what you do. When I first set out on my mission with TooMuchFlavour the intention was to focus on the positive aspects of hip hop because of the negativity surrounding it.

Then I started getting offers to attend screenings for films like Shank and other violent gritty Brit flicks.
I realised that although I wanted to run features on them, maybe I didn't want to because it depicted negativity, and promoting that might have an impact on future prospects for us (council partnerships, for example, might not allow swearing anywhere on a sponsored site).

The Who Killed Deon series is a campaign by the Metropolitan Police in association with Drop the Weapons to promote awareness of knife crime in cities.

In a whodunnit style the viewer has to watch the first video and is asked to guess who killed Deon at the party from a line of suspects in the related videos option.

To find out more, visit

Readers, we can be fussy about what aspects of hip hop we report on, but we can't change what the actual culture has become. Just because it isn't what we always report on, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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