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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who is the beatboxer and vocalists in the T-Mobile advert Welcome Home?

The T-Mobile Welcome Home advert has beatboxers in it! A week after Faith SFX 'appeared' as Bing Crosby in the Argos advert, beatboxing has made it into another commercial! T-Mobile Welcome Home. Flashmobs are cool, but this is better!

Video: T-Mobile Welcome Home advert

No doubt once again it's time for some beatboxing trivia: Who are the beatboxers in the T-Mobile advert?

It's ok, I've done the homework.

With thanks to Hobbit (Beatbox Championships finalist 2010 and the soundscape provider of Ghost Boy) on the HumanBeatBox forum, I (although really, he) can reveal the beatboxers are Lianhart, Bellatrix, Andy Frost and Toby from Swingle Singers.

Swingle Singers

Turns out the Swingle Singers are familiar with covert flash mobs too, having plugged Lovebox on the London Underground.

Video: Swingle Singers: Expect the Unexpected


This video of Lianheart is sure to blow. Your. Mind. ONE video on his YouTube channel. 100,000 video views!
Video: Lianheart - Human Beatbox Sample


Here is Bellatrix (the one who scratched during Return of the Mack), who beatboxes with the amazing vocal group The Boxettes.
Video: Bellatrix interview

Unfortunately as of when this blog was posted you'd have missed Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra at the Southbank Centre so I guess the only way to know the next beatboxing event is to Like TooMuchFlavour on Facebook and look out for updates!

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  1. Its great beatboxers are getting recognised individually and in groups from years of work at the art and the scene.
    Beatboxing is always the biggest ice breaker and highlight of any show and really is what every one is asking for nowadays.
    Check out info and artist at and get involved with the scene. No electricity, no evil, plenty fun :)


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