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Friday, 22 October 2010

Flawless fans are more stupid than Diversity fans!

The old Diversity vs Flawless debate is one that won't die down in street dance. We all know who should have won, right? Yet whenever one says one group name should have won, someone else says the other. So I've found a unit of measurement and a scale that works. Sort of.
Statistically fans of Flawless are more stupid that those of Diversity. At least according to this site that measures up a sample of 100 tweets directed at two twitter accounts.

The results? Presently Diversity score 267 (out of 1,000) - nearly "thick as two planks" while Flawless score an incredible 875 - "dumb as a bag of hammers."

Have a go:

OK, it's only a bit of fun and the results will constantly change, but it's still a laugh having a mess around and entering different celebrity's Twitter names and seeing what the results are. Tom Scott, the guy who programmed the app, created it because:

"A lot of people on Twitter are stupid. Many of these people follow celebrities and try to send them messages. But which celebrity's fans are most stupid? It's time to find out."

Oh by the way, you can now pre-order Flawless: Chase the Dream and Diversity: Street Dance Workout from Amazon now - watch out for our run down of the latest street dance DVDs to hit the shelves, coming soon over at the main TooMuchFlavour site.

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