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Monday, 16 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday - 8trak Productions Beats and Pieces mixtape download

8trak Productions - Beats and Pieces mixtape
8-trak productions is a small London based team of musicians and producers. We specialise in creating hip-hop, soul, & funk beats and are currently working with some of the best undergraound UK artists, such as Chima, Louise Golbey and Kadija Kamara, making real UK soul and hip hop.
Featuring Chima Anya, Grand Central, Karess, Nutty NRG & Suga Diezel, Louise Golbey and Kadija Kamara and more!

Click here to download the Beats and Pieces mixtape 

01 Baby You Know
02 Lifestyle
03 Freaky Type
04 So Be That
05 Fool 4 Luv
06 Real Hustla Music
07 Got That Soul (8trak Remix)
08 The Lights
09 It's Karess
10 G-Life

Monday, 9 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday Dennis Ferrer "Hey Hey" 20 minute mix download

Enter any fine house music club over the last few months and chances are you’ve heard Dennis Ferrer’s Hey Hey – this summer’s most talked about track - playing on the sound system.

Click here to download Dennis Ferrer 20 minute DJ Mix

An anthem in the truest sense, “Hey Hey” is captivating clubland and the airwaves with its flawless and much welcome return to the classic vocal house sound. The track has been heavily supported internationally by BBC Radio One tastemaker Pete Tong (among many other influential DJs) who called it “a return to the finest virtues of house music,” while the fans have spoken to the tune of over 3.5 million views (and counting) of the Hey Hey promo video.

Ready for a US takeover, Dennis Ferrer teams up with legendary New York City house music label Strictly Rhythm for the stunning new package – Hey Hey: The Remixes. This collection takes Ferrer’s gem under the remix knife with brand new interpretations from Deepah Ones, Kaytronik, Tom De Neef, Dim Chris, Crookers, Vandalism and a brand new lead mix from Friscia and Lamboy. To help celebrate this great new release, Strictly Rhythm presents the official music video for Hey Hey that acts as a perfect compliment to this instant classic.

A Grammy Nominee for his “Objektivity Mix" of Dido's Don't Believe In Love, Dennis Ferrer’s trademark is his skillful work with vocals and high production standards. He is considered a “producer’s producer” for crafting house music tracks with real instruments, analog production techniques and proper song structures. This is a rarity at a time when computer production methods are at an all time high. As a result, Dennis Ferrer has found a magic formula in Hey Hey that perfectly captures the classic vocal sound with a look to the future.

Ferrer has always been one to start a movement rather than follow one. Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of afro-centric house, Ferrer was there. And then, when it began to embrace the mix of tech and soul, Ferrer was there again, leading the way with his impeccable productions. And now as the world rediscovers a taste for classic vocal-based house, Dennis Ferrer’s at the forefront with Hey Hey. As Ferrer goes, it seems, so does electronic music – strictly speaking.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Diversity at Into the Hoods press night

Is the public's interest in Diversity waning?
When I heard about this it made me mad: I got a message on my phone saying "Diversity are here [at the Into the Hoods press night] and they brought a film crew."

What's wrong with Diversity watching a show? Nothing actually, I'm sure they get invited to many a show. Observing doesn't hurt anyone. It's the cameras - they came into the auditorium with a film crew, meaning an unavoidable huddle of DV fanatics.

There are ways of publicising an event to get it into the gossip pages, one of them is to invite celebrities along (dancers are NOT celebrities!). It worked when Sadler's Wells invited a press huddle for the press night of Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation  at the Peacock Theatre.

The link between Diversity and Into the Hoods is as follows: Akai is in Into the Hoods; Ashley Banjo of Diversity fame stood drop-jawed at Akai's performance in Got to Dance; Got to Dance series two is auditioning and the interest has to tick over until it airs some point in winter. In the mean time publicity dictates the direction where their careers go (judging opportunities, TV spin offs, and so forth).

But the way it appears is, regardless of the relation to Akai being in this summer's production, by turning up with a film crew (complete with lighting) at someone else's show turns a LOT of attention on you and not on the show itself. Rather than focussing attention on what's happening on stage the attention is diverted away from it.

Why would you want to turn up at another company's event and make it your own? Hmm. Attention seeking? It seems slipping in through the back door and taking your seat is so out of fashion (the Queen is renowned for doing this when visiting the West End to watch shows).
Instead its all about the hype surrounding the celebrity, getting people to pay attention to you and doing it in front of hundreds of people when the original dancing was in fact on stage.

Like lambs to the slaughter fans ended up flooding Diversity rather than recognising Zoonation's contribution to the arts: over an hour's worth of hip hop theatre. People paid for tickets to see the show. Some may feel they got better value for money with a few celebrities showing up

Consider that Akai, last night's main attraction, turned up to Boy Blue's A Nite With Da Bratz a fortnight ago and didn't roll up with a team, just his parents and relatives. What does that say about people recognising entities better than them?

Diversity don't realise how fortunate they are to have won Britain's Got Talent against the choreographic might of Flawless. The keeping up appearances since they won Britain's Got Talent panders between securing successful commercial futures - appearing in the Streetdance 3D movie; Got to Dance judging; Dance4Life sponsorships, etc - to overshadowing others.

For the sake of the future of original street dance, Diversity and the media circus that surround them has to stop.

We've had our  say, now have yours. You can comment using the box below.

Monday, 2 August 2010

#NewMusicMonday - Mystro - Around My Way download

Click here to download Mystro - Around My Way 

Flying in straight off the back of the monstrously witty 2009 Wrap Up Mystro delivers Around My Way produced by DJ Swerve [Kiss FM / Street Fighter Riddim], the first look into the mind of Digmund Freud taken from the EP of the same name.

The track is classic Mystro. Pitch perfect prose, laced with humour as sharp as… well hmmm something very very sharp!?! I’ll leave the punch lines to Mystro, as it’s clearly what he does best!

Just in case you didn’t know Mystro didn’t just appear out the blue yesterday, he’s done a few laps, some round the world! Having started rapping at the age of 13, after being inspired by the classic “Golden Era” of MCs, he first made his mark building a reputation as one of the UK hip hop’s brightest vocal talents while hosting and performing at a number of the biggest events of the time, including the iconic Kung Fu. He’s also collaborated with a who’s who of British heavy weights, including Black Twang, Rodney P and Ty. He’s released albums in Australia and currently hosts his own TV show on SPINE.TV.

DIGMUND FREUD is the next chapter!

For more on Mystro see
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