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Saturday, 13 February 2010

#SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance - The final and the press!

It's finally here. The end of an era. Well, the end of a series. Six rounds of So You Think You Can Dance and the series has drawn to an end. Tonight is the SYTYCD final and someone will walk (or salsa, or six step, or contemporary roll) out of the BBC studios £100,000 richer with an American visa application to fill in.

The series has been good, but not quite perfect. Some viewers and critics on the Twittosphere are annoyed by the swooping camera ruining the viewing of routines, while others expected a big budget production to match the American version.

People might also have noticed that every guest act who performed in the dance off shows were a production of a reality TV shows (except for the final). Lemar, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS... suspicious!

Anyway, there's no point in moaning about it. SYTYCD was free to view, unlike Sky One's Got To Dance demanding a subscription to Sky. No thanks.

Here's a quick summary of So You Think You Can Dance as told through the press:

There were the scares at the start of the show before it even went into production. Originally uptake for the audition process was slow, and when low numbers turned up to auditions, rumours were heard (and denied) that BBC producers called up Sky One's Got To Dance tean to find out if it was the same at their auditions.

The audition show was only 70 minutes long before the series jumped straight into the live shows, which disappointed Nigel Lythgoe, criticising the editors for not spending more time following the audition process.

But SYTYCD trumped Sky One in ratings, pulling in 6.9million viewers during its Saturday prime time slot for the launch show, casting a huge shadow over Sky's 926,000.

The papers broke the news that Mark Calape had already won a TV dance competition, Move Like Michael Jackson as part of Animaineax. A BBC spokesman commented: "These are very different competitions."

After that any press went a bit quiet for a while, until last week...

The week before the grand final, Robbie White was hospitalised after dislocating his shoulder during a hip hop rehearsal, ruining his chance of winning. The choreographer of the piece, Simeon Qsyea broke the news on his Twitter, which we later picked up on after confirming it from a blog on The Stage.

Former contestants Mark Calape, Alistair Postlethwaite and Drew McOnie have been drafted back in to cover for the unforunate Robbie, sharing one partner routine each - although none can win the prize - that's the official word from the BBC.

Today, the finalists who are left are Charlie Bruce, Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzen.

To find out who wins, tune in at 7.45!

You can leave your comments below! Did you enjoy So You Think You Can Dance?

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