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Monday, 1 February 2010

Alter Ego Dance Studio Renovation Day 12

Follow the progress of Alter Ego Dance Company as they transform a dilapidated premises into a renovated dance studio, as recorded by Brendon Hansford.

Alter Ego Dance Studio Renovation Day 12

So today is a Sunday and yes, I'm working! Too Keen! Carrying on the painting in the more difficult areas as you'll see on the video. As well as this I have decided I want to get my office finished so I can have my computer at the studio (saving driving time!).

Managed to make it to B&Q to buy what I need to cover up the windows, although still debating if its a good or a bad idea? Opinions?

As always Ben makes an appearance on the video... He found an affiliation with the plaster board and just wouldn't move...

Natasha (member of my Adult Crew) decides to pop in and HELP but decides she wants to play narrator instead... Hmmm... watch her coverage!

Alter Ego Dance

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