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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mark 'Swarf' Calape official website (Animaineax - Move Like Michael Jackson/So You Think You Can Dance)

Our site stats have shown how many people have been looking for Mark Calape's website recently (seriously, if it wasn't for the interest in him we'd probably get half the visits to the blog that we get in a day!).

Until recently a website for Calape didn't exist. is currently under construction. So what do you do in the mean time? Start up your own website (that's how we started)!

I'd say it's a work in progress at the moment, but already full of (deliberate?) typos and information about the Animaineax that nearly every media outlet has ignored in its coverage, plus personal photos from his tour with Jay Sean, Pink Mafia, Boy Blue and Zoonation and appearances with personalities like, oh, I don't know, Nelson Mandela!

The blog should also pick up eventually, although there are only two posts at the moment, but to make up for it the video page is full of YouTube clips from the recent TV appearances on So You Think You Can Dance and Move Like Michael Jackson.

I personally recommend Swarf's Cinema page with the overly dramatic video of him doing hat tricks!

Site speed is a bit of an issue at the moment (maybe I've a bad connection?) but it will be the place to be to pick up information straight from the source (I'm guessing updates will be posted on Mark's fan page).

Click to visit Mark Swarf Calape's website

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