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Monday, 10 May 2010

Streetdance 3D premiere press night

Right now I'm on my way to see Thursday premiere for Streetdance 3D. Leicester Square, red carpet, press huddle. Celebrities?

Streetdance 3D trailer

This is exciting. Streetdance was never meant to get this big, but then it started winning Britain's Got Talent several years in a row. A group of film directors got together, drafted up a script and its been in production for the past few months. Pow.

There's two ways its going to go. It's great some of UK's best dancers are on screen. Same time, everyone's going to have to sacrifice a little piece of their soul so the film can be marketed to the mainstream.

It's also aimed at a teen audience. How are critics going to rate it? Will the storyline be any good, or typical of other movies? And how will it look in 3D?

Look a little closer at the poster: Kenrick Sandy and Kate Prince assisted in choreographing it. Even if it doesn't hit our readership perfectly, at least the dancing will look dope. Right?

In the name of being balanced and objective, after tonight's premiere I intend to let you know, striving to cover as much of what makes up the film as well as the film itself...

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