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Friday, 21 May 2010

Streetdance 3D - a few words on writing a bad review

I'm sleeping with one eye open tonight. I wrote the review for Streetdance 3D the other day having watched the film twice - I'm the only critic that will put myself watching a film twice before I  know I'm happy with my opinion - and a little bit of me is afraid I'll lose all the friends and contacts I've spent the past two years trying to accumulate!

That's why I asked Kymberlee Jay, someone in dance in the position to provide an opinion, to accompany me to one of the screenings... but she was busy.

There are so many dancers in the film, either as main cast, supporting groups (dancing in the background or used for routine shots) or as extras. It was choreographed by the best choreographers in the country (Will Tuckett, Kenrick Sandy, Kate Prince - you'll recognise the latter two from their choreography credits for Pied Piper and Into the Hoods, as well as So You Think You Can Dance).

Lots of dancers were excited about seeing themselves in it. Fair do, those people are now part of UK film history and walked up the red carpet at Leicester Square, greeted by a crowd of paparazzi. But regardless of what the feeling is inside the community of street dance, I still think critics will pan it, and that's what worries me... you guys will hate me for being honest!

It's difficult when you're part of a project so big, so unique, to see its faults. All of the groups are hyped about being part of it, the press interviews features dancers smiling and talking about how fortunate they are to be involved in the project, but Streetdance 3D still manages to fall under the category of cheesy teenage romance bundled in street credibility and marketed at teenagers. If it wasn't, then why does is it all centred around a soundtrack featuring N-Dubz, Chipmunk and, wait for it... Pixie Lott?

Worried about coming across wrongly, I had the review proof read to make sure it didn't get too personal. Y'all know our dancers look dope - the dance scenes were what the film was all about! My problem with it isn't the people in it, but the way it's been produced and scripted (Jane English, the films writer is the write for Channel 4's Sugar Rush). As the flagship for UK street dance films, it should have done better. Maybe then it'll fare against Step Up 3D when it's released.

I asked what Simeon Qsyea who appeared in the film as himself and is founder and choreographer of Birdgang with Ukweli 'Quails' Roach who plays the part of Jay (do you remember him from Blaze?), what he thought. Having read the script months before the film went into production he said it was exactly what he expected.

I've one key person in street dance on my side. Out of many. It still leaves me avoid eye contact answering dancers who were involved in the film what they though!
I know the review I wrote for Streetdance 3D might not be everyone's cup of tea, but you have to remember, for dancers making the transition to the mainstream you're playing by someone else's rules.

I'd love to hear what you think. You can leave your comments about Streetdance 3D using the comments box below


  1. I haven't seen it yet, but your review came as no surprise. It was exactly what I expected, so I for one appreciate and respect your honesty. Excellent choreography/dancing mixed with mediocre script and commerical soundtrack - exactly what I'm expecting from it! I don't think you should worry - you spoke the truth, that's what a review is all about.

  2. i am sorry to say that i was disappointed with the film. i wish they give you the choice of 3D, as 3D gives me a headache. the price of £19.20 is far over priced for the quality of 3D and the film. i loved the other two films and watch most films as soon as they come out. This has made me not want to go and watch anything else in 3D or spend £19.20 on a film.
    Clare Hinchliffe cambridgeshire

  3. This is what happened when flawless came to Wales.

  4. The movie Is GREAT! £19.00 wow I played like about £6.50 ohh and I was mesmerized by Ukweli's face I couldn't stop staring


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