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Friday, 14 May 2010

Markus the Sadist promo videos

In case you hadn't noticed, over on the site we're running promotions for Jonzi D Productions' show Markus the Sadist (read review), which is returning to the Bloomsbury Theatre next week - why, you can even buy tickets through us!

Anyway, in the run up to this run of the show, Bashy (as the character of Markus!) and the promoters hit the streets of London to take advantage of people's good nature and highlight the show's satire.
In the show, Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas plays the lead role of Markus, a talented emcee that sells his soul for fame and wealth... and all the stereotypes that go together with hip hop these days - American slang, gloryifying guns, and, as you'll see in the videos, pants saggin'!

Markus the Sadist promo videos:

Somehow they even managed to corner a bemused X-Factor contestant Duane Flames before he caught a tube.

These are some of the most ridiculous (and funniest) show promos I've seen, and they reflect the nature of the show exactly. If you haven't seen it yet, the dates for the limited run are 17-20 May.

To read the interview I did with Bashy, and find out why we're excited about Markus the Sadist,head over to the site.

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