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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who are Ruby Girls?

Ruby Girls: A cut above the rest.

What began as an evening class at Husky's dance studios as a side project for Birdgang has resulted in as a flock of chicks (sorry about the bird puns) that are so risqué when they perform that you're not sure whether to avert your eyes or stare in 'support.'

Several million men will be showing their so-called support with them being on Britain's Got Talent, and ITV having to tone down their performance to make it suitable for a prime time slot!

Ruby Girls showreel (see more on YouTube)

Do I want to go on about their looks? It's hard not to, considering their image!

The first time I saw Ruby Girls at Birdgang Presents: The Pioneers, which was early in their inception. Although the context of the show was mainly street dance, Ruby Girls stood out not just for their look, but their extreme and energetic style.

Ruby Girls, rather than becoming 'Birdgang Girls' the suffix other street dance groups add to their name to differentiate between companies, created a completely different image from the original Birdgang hooded-and-masked look and feel, instead taking what they had learned and were then studying in classical styles, with an emphasis on jazz - don't they look like they belong to the cast of Chicago?

Over the months, developing from training, and for some graduating too, is when Ruby Girls began to pick up. As most group members are models, the group started to get snapped up for commercial jobs.

Rai Quartley, founder and director, is also responsible for most of the choreography.

If you thought Beyoncé looked great in Single Ladies, then the flash mob that Ruby were part of will multiply your desire!

Note: the music has been changed due to YouTube's music policy... Just enjoy the moving pictures.

Ruby Girls are the stars, sorry, gems in Britain's Got Talent. However, enjoy them on TV while you can - read our earlier blog to find out why they won't win...

What are your thoughts on Ruby Girls? You can post your comments below.

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