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Friday, 16 April 2010

Ruby Girls won't win Britain's Got Talent

Ruby Girls may be "a cut above the rest" but they won't win Britain's Got Talent
Reality TV should come with a health warning...

I can't help but feel the headline will annoy a few people. Luckily I can back up my statement. Keep reading.

Hooray for Ruby Girls, they're on Britain's Got Talent tomorrow night! The sister company to Birdgang (so to speak) and a collection of stunning women/models/dancers, all, if not mostly, classically trained. The Sun has described them as "a Britain's Got Talent gem."

Their success has been far-reaching in the industry since one of their earliest performances at Birdgang Presents: UK Pioneers several years ago. The Single Ladies flashmob they featured in has been watched over four million times on YouTube:

But, no matter how much you rate Ruby Girls when you see their performance tomorrow, they won't win the competition. I guess what you could call an editorial mistake it's already leaked Ruby Girls won't win - even though they made it past the qualifying round.

Digital Spy 'revealed' they were confident of making the semi finals, but contrary to misconstrued quotes and media spin, that will remain to be seen by how the show is eventually cut. 

In an interview with Rai Quartley, Ruby Girls' choreographer,  for a lad's sport magazine it was let slip that they won't be going through to the the later rounds of Britain's Got Talent - producers don't want another dance group winning the show.

Click below to view the full image:

In the interview, Quartley said:
"They said we were the best dance act they’d seen this season but they can’t put us through. We’re not allowed to ask them why. We’re not allowed to ask them any questions. One of the producers came up to us and explained that they don’t want a dance act to win this year so they couldn’t put us through. There’s no justice!"
This means, guys, that no amount of voting, for Ruby or anyone else of their caliber, will succeed in their progress, only make ITV and SyCo (the production company) a hefty wad of cash. It is after all the altered reality of so-called 'reality' TV, and all part of ITV's ratings machines.

Major respect to Ruby Girls for making the cut to the on air programmes, and any other dance groups who get on the show. The exposure (like 4 million YouTube views of the Single Ladies flashmob doesn't count!) from any reality TV show that pulls in millions of viewers will get the group wider recognition.

But dance groups should look elsewhere to showcase their talent - Birdgang/Ruby Girls' choreographer Simeon Qysea was one of the returning choreographers for So You Think You Can Dance and has turned around the clumsy dance talents of JLS to something more refined. These are pros on a show with amateurs.

Most of Ruby Girls are already professionals anyway. Ruby on Britain's Got Talent is like the way Flawless 'told' Diversity "This is how it's supposed to be done!"

You can find out more about Ruby Girls on their Facebook page - search "Ruby Girls"

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