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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Breakin Convention 2010 Goodfoot dance

Goodfoot are a group of dancers that specialise in popping. They've been together for four years, and were recently finalists in Sadler's Wells' Global Dance Contest.

You can see Goodfoot at Breakin' Convention 2010 on Monday 3 May. 

Interview with Shakeel "Shak" Meetooa, dancer in Goodfoot
By David Barros

The Box: What's it about?
It's about every person's imagination running wild when they were kids, playing with an empty box. That's all you needed to have fun, a box. It could contain anything and everything. This one contains music, objects, scenes, laughter and dance.

What's the message?
Ultimately, we want people to be entertained. Hopefully everyone will have something they can take home with them. Whether it reminds them of when they were young, whether we made them laugh, or maybe they just enjoyed watching us dance. Maybe even if they leave thinking "what the heck was that??" We hope they'll remember it.

Where did the idea come from?
It came from us thinking how could we possibly do all the random things we wanna do on stage, haha. What could be the source of all our madness that would allow people to understand what we're trying to do without spelling it out for them? A box is uncomplicated. But what's inside is significant. We've added dance and music to an object with limitless potential... And we think we might be onto something.

What should people take away from it? 
Like I said earlier, even if you just laughed once, or saw a single move you liked, that's enough. We wouldn't want people to leave not remembering something when they hear the name "Goodfoot."

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