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Thursday, 28 January 2010

#SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance week 3 hip hop duet videos, and routine of the week

Week three and it heated up on So You Think You Can Dance. The dancers were paired up with dancers they hadn't worked with the previous weeks, and there were even more solo performances too.
That means we're not going to look at all the routines except the hip hop duets and the routine of the week, otherwise it would take forever - by the time it would be done it would be Saturday and time for the next episode!

Alastair and Hayley dance hip hop

Choreographer: Simeon Qsyea (Birdgang), assistant Kayla Lomas
Song: Chris Brown - Forever
Outstanding moment:
Conceptually this impressed me. Each week the bar is being raised in terms of creativity, and you might think "Oh, wow, a wall prop," but the choreography is what sets it aside, such as the connection the dancers have between it - 20 seconds in and I was laughing at the (assumed) reference to Birdgang. 
Technically this routine wasn't danced flawlessly as made obvious by the screen divided by the wall - imagine how it would look if it was.

Week 3 group hip hop routine

Choreographer: Simeon Qsyea (BirdGang)
Song: Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Outstanding moment: "B-boys and b-girls" lyric is where the breaking starts. It doesn't take a genius to work out why that's good: the elements of the music were being adhered to!
This had so much Bird written all over it that it would have flown over (no pun intended) the heads of those who have never seen a Birdgang performance before. Group moments, good use of the solo dancers (Tommy and Mark both breaking) and just a good all-round piece, on many levels.

Routine of the week: Tommy and Yanet dance salsa

Why is this routine of the week? Because once again Tommy manages to adapt to a style not familiar to him, and further to his credit as a dynamic dancer, he even went to a Cuban night club to learn more about the dance! That's commitment you don't see very often, which is why it was a shame he was voted as one of the bottom two.

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