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Sunday, 10 January 2010

So You Think You Can Dance hiphop routines

So You Think You Can Dance hip hop routines courtesy of illegal YouTube...

Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce "The Bench Routine"

Choreographer: Simeon Qsyea of Birdgang
Song: Timbaland - The Way I Are
Outstanding moment:  Knee drop (30sec); The tutting section (1min 17sec)
Tommy and Charlie's routine had some moves that reflect Simeon's style in the choreography with plenty of 'and' counts, although considering Charlie's main style isn't hip hop, reproduction of it was a little under par (but not bad considering - if Simeon can turn around JLS' talents, think what he can do with a developing jazz dancer).
With a bench prop the routine worked well to include levels, a meeting point for the dancers, as well as a stage to pull off moves, which worked to Tommy's strengths as a b-boy. Of both hip hop partner routines, I preferred this one.

Mark Calape and Lizzie Gough
Choreographer: Kate Prince of Zoonation
Song: Rihanna - Take A Bow
Outstanding moment: Hat and kneeslide (30sec) - slick
A big NO to the choice of song, considering Take A Bow is so often a sending home song on X Factor! I wasn't feeling Kate Prince's routine last week in the choreography camp, considering it was labelled 'hip hop' when it was actually a) not to a hip hop song, and b) a fusion with hip hop styles but not specifically hip hop - don't be misled.
The style of the routine (lyrical hip hop) was a wink in the direction of her Into The Hoods production, which included full props and costume, with big smiles and jazz hands. Both Mark and Lizzie performed the routine as it was intended to look, although it was nothing they wouldn't have been capable of, so it was a lucky pairing of styles and dancers.

Lizzie and Tommy are both starring in Blaze at the Peacock Theatre in March - click here to buy tickets!

What did you think? Which do you think was the better hip hop routine on So You Think You Can Dance? You can comment below!

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