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Monday, 18 January 2010

#SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance - Week 2 hiphop videos

Here are the YouTube videos from week 2 of So You Think You Can Dance covering the hip hoppers, Lizzie Gough, Mark Calape and Tommy Franzen doing different styles, as well as the non-hip hop dancers doing hip hop routines.

Charlie Bruce and Tommy Franzen performing jazz pop

Choreographer: Frank Gatson
Song: JLS - Everybody In Love
Outstanding moment: Turns to the floor and air freeze, 53sec.

Originally in the behind-the-scenes footage, Tommy expressed he feared he wasn't pulling his weight enough in this routine. Considering Tommy's dance training, though, things didn't look so bad. The introduction as he walks on stage had swagger, and the smoothness of his hips was enough to woo judge Arlene Philips and establish a reputation of a lady's man!

How much it looked like the choreographer I don't know, as the footage isn't available, but it was enough to fool the punters.

Although the routine centred around the girl character, Tommy provided the support and pulled off the lifts perfectly. Terrible choice of music must be noted - stop playing up to the audience, especially by choosing a talent show winner's song for another talent show.

Lizzie Gough and Mark Calape performing Viennese waltz

Choreographer: Katya Virshilas
Song: Bryan Adams
Outstanding moment: Floor spin 1min 26sec.

This is another routine that proves that Mark Calape really wants to prove he can do more than just street dance. It's only week two, but already he's managed to blag a traditional style of dance by jumping into the character of a regal and proud Viennese dancer with strong, fluid arms and confident movement. Lizzie Gough, who has been classically trained, would play the character of the noble sweetheart going to the ball with him.
Despite a broken finger (a "blinger," bandage complete with diamontés) he was able to execute lifting her without any visible pain and dance the entire routine with a smile on his face.
His "isn't that a kind of biscuit?" about the Viennese waltz will go down in dance history.

Yanet Fuentes and Robbie White performing  hip hop

Choreographer: Kenrick Sandy
Song: Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Outstanding moment: The opening routine up until the floorwork
Kenrick, choreographer for Boy Blue, choreographed a killer routine reminiscent of some of his work for Pied Piper for Latin dancer Yanet and contemporary dancer Robbie, but they weren't quite able to nail it.
At first glance its okay as a duet, but as it moves on to the solos you see they're not quite as strong as individuals.
Credit has to be given to Kenrick for squeezing in a six step into the choreography, although he should have really drilled Robbie's Zulu spins!

Our favourite routine: Hayley Newton and Drew McOnie performing contemporary

Okay, I realise this isn't hip hop (and who said it had to be?), but it was the most outstanding routine of the week. Choreographed by Rafael Bonachela it was moving and told a gripping story of two lovers.
To favourite a contemporary routine says a lot for someone who doesn't usually like contemporary. Watch it and be humbled by it.
If you'd like to see Bonachela, he is coming to the Artsdepot, Finchley in February, click here for more information.

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