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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bio and videos: Lizzie Gough on So You Think You Can Dance

Lizzie Gough is the only female street dancer on So You Think You Can Dance.

She's also the dancer I knew the least about, but with a little bit of résumé searching I managed to find a few facts you might not know from reading not-so-great BBC So You Think You Can Dance profiles.

Lizzie is in the show Blaze at Peacock Theatre in March - click here to buy tickets!

As with other dancers we've done for our So You Think You Can Dance blogs Tommy Franzen and Mark Calape, I'll be going along with the "haven't I seen them somewhere before?" theme... it works best for me and helps along the dawning of "I thought I knew her!" moment we all get when we recognise someone.

And her résumé shines! Besides the street dance, over the past eight years she's scooped up a great selection of appearances as a commercial dancer in front of big audience: The Royal Variety Show, the X-Factor tour, and Clothes Show Live, and of course the all-star names she's danced for go with those shows, plus worked with commercial dance groups, Rudeye and Dance2XS. Her most recent job has been dancing for Take That at the Brit Awards.

Check out Lizzie Gough's video reel

Lizzie Showreel 2008

Lil | MySpace Video

Like a lot of the dancers taking part in So You Think You Can Dance, she trained at Laine Theatre Arts. But because street dancing is our angle, we want to know about her credentials!

First up, she is a b-girl, as she was part of the Oxfam internet viral campaign raising awareness for pregnancy healthcare.

Oxfam Groove Your Bump viral campaign

She can lock, she can pop, and Lizzie Gough (aka Lil) has also worked with Plague dancer Mukhtar Omar for George Sampson's music video (listen with the music down...).

George Sampson - Get Up On The Dance Floor

Still not sure where you recognise her? You will if you've ever stepped into a night club and heard Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands Up.

Further to her appearance in So You Think You Can Dance, Lizzie will be performing alongside Tommy Franzen this summer at the Peacock Theatre in Blaze. Make sure you check it out when it comes round, as we'll be covering it for our hip hop theatre section of the main site!

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  1. Not forgetting her amazing Take That Circus tour performances


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