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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Could Theo Mini King of Pop win Got to Dance?

Could Theo: Mini King of Pop win Got to Dance? It seems likely when you can tug at the nation's heartstrings, doesn't it?

If you were watching Got to Dance on Sky One tonight you'll have seen him practically directing the show during his audition, meanwhile even his mother said "he's a bit of a diva sometimes."

Video: Theo: Mini King of Pop Got to Dance audition

But can a six year old Michael Jackson impersonator win the competition? A little bit of me says yes, while a little bit of me says no.

Last year's winner, Akai, was only ten when he won the first series of the show, while The Mini King of Pop (who needs a first name if you can have just a title?) is roughly half his age. The difference is, little Theo is a one-act kind of guy: impersonating Michael Jackson [exceptionally well]. His audition was a freestyle, so when it gets to the quarter finals, I wonder how his act will change. Still all improvisation, or maybe routined?

That said, he's killing it while performing Thriller complete with kareoke track playing... pass me a tissue?

Video: Theo Mini King of Pop practising Thriller

But, all is not dark and gloomy for Theo, and it'd be wrong to say so. Despite his man-diva and twice-his-height character, you did see that he's got his own business cards, right?

Like many of the contestants, Theo has performed at some high profile places, including the Royal Albert Hall and even for pugilist Frank Bruno!

Video: Mini King of Pop performing for Frank Bruno

I'm still waiting for Turbo's audition to air before I start placing money one anyone to win (note: no, I won't actually be gambling). But Twitter loves Theo, so we'll see what happens in future auditions.

See full Got to Dance Series 2 Episode 2 results here, or our dancer-by-dancer rundown of episode two here!

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