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Monday, 24 January 2011

Kashmir from Smash Broz uncovers the truth about UK street dance

It looks like Kashmir from Smash Bro'z has laid down the truth, and laid it down RAW for anyone that checks Wikipedia for their street dance history instead of going to a class or jam.

I urge anyone that thinks that what they see on TV, on a street dance DVD or through stereotypes in movies is a representation of street dance to watch this video!

Video: Kashmir Uncovers The Truth About UK Street Dance

Yes, he goes on for over six minutes, with a possible second part to follow.

See Kashmir's original blog here.


  1. thanks for spreading the word =]

    peace and love kashmir lol

    And Yes More Vids To Come Soon!


  2. wat song do u dance 2 at d got to dance auditions?


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