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Friday, 31 July 2009

A round up of the week... Pineapple's 30th and Brick City Boutique

You'll have to pardon me for not updating the blog, not a week goes by when things aren't busy at TooMuchFlavour Towers.

Checkit. Pineapple celebrated their 30th anniversary last Sunday, which was also the same day as their annual Pineapple open day. Over 40 classes, all for free! I was fooled into thinking it was a storm in a teacup when I turned up at 11, although, typically, most dancers hadn't woken up by then!

Come midday and the queues were spilling out the entrance and on to Langley Street as more dancers turned up. Because of the volume of people, place cards were handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis so classes didn't get over subscribed.

I couldn't stay until the end, unfortunately, as I had to jet to the next event (below), but what was positive was that some of the people I chatted to had never danced before, a great thing about holding free events and introducing new people to dance.

For our blog on free dance classes, click here

A ride on the Tube took me to Elbow Room, Islington, where the Brick City Boutique was taking place. Around the seated booths, merchants of the urban ilk set up their wares around the tables while the DJ spun records. Merchants such as Different Prints, Soap Box World, Roodboy, and most importantly, the guys behind the event, Pieceology.

As well as the fashion side of things, emcees were in the place, including Skinnyman and his Smoking Ban van (I didn't intend that to rhyme!) giving out free t-shirts and bursting out with random freestyles.

Of course, most importantly, I had to stay for the b-boy battle. Billed to start at 4pm, it actually started at around 8. A bit slow on the uptake, some b-boys (and one b-girl) emerged from the audience to join in. I filmed most of it, but the very end was cut off as I ran out of memory, with seconds of the action left. Nevertheless...

To keep up to date with Pieceology's Brick City Boutique, you can find the Facebook page here.

There's plenty more stuff coming up that's worth checking out. Why not check out the calendar on the main site to see events worth hitting up?

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