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Friday, 17 July 2009

"It's the real... hip hop! Gangstarr's GURU at King Apparel store, London

It's the most authentic hip hop clothes shop in Covent Garden (maybe) that reigns supreme (ahem) with its line up of hip hop stars coming in to perform. King Apparel, the short term 'pop-up store' (once they're gone, they're gone!) always does stuff big, even if its premises has limited space and has to spill out on to the street.

Wednesday evening saw 50% of the legendary hip hop due Gangstarr hit up the store to promote his new album, Lost and Found 8.0.

As forecast, the store was packed with fans coming for Guru's performance and album signing with the occasional passer by on the street seeing what all the racket was about.

They who ventured in were probably happy to know that all drinks were free thanks to the gig being sponsored by Tequila Arette, including hundreds of ice cold cocktails being poured... and lots of return visits to the drinks counter!

In fact, with all the people crammed in to the store there was hardly any space to move without spilling your drink, but within the tightly packed space, Guru and Solar managed to find the space to perform a few songs, including the classic You Know My Steez, short cuts from Lost and Found 8.0 and a few freestyles too before heading to the basement to sign copies of the new abum.

I managed to film the performances, although with only a humble camera phone at hand the volume of the speakers caused sound muffling. Sorry.

Fear not though, for if you missed it there were plenty photos taken. Keep your eye on the King Apparel Facebook group for when they emerge.

In the mean time you can sample the new album below:

Guru and Solar's website is

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