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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Give it up for the family: Why La Familia's efforts will pay off soon

It's like waging war against yourself. Rather than Regional Conflict, you could call the finals of the world qualifiers 'civil conflict.' For the entire Soul Mavericks clan it looks like they are their own rivals. How can you be the best when you only have yourself to battle?

For myself, my predictions remained the same as every battle event Soul Mavericks enter, they would be the finalists. Why not, they're dope?

But at some point in the semi finals, the (figurative) angel and devil popped up on my shoulder to cop some of the action, and my support went out to the underdogs. If ever an 'underdog' becomes classified as a breed of canine it would be an aggressive beast with teeth bared and the scent of victory up its nose. Round its neck would be a collar with the name "La Familia" on it.

La Familia battle with a passion every time bringing creative and energetic routines to the floor only to have victory snatched from them at the very end, often by the Mavericks. It's happened twice this year (at events TooMuchFlavour has covered) including Breakin' Boundaries in March, and in the southern qualifers last month.

Perhaps it was the size of the venue for Regional Conflict South (the qualifiers) that gave a different atmosphere making me feel less engaged with the action, but some of the crews hoping to qualify didn't look up to the standard of the world's best crews they'll have to face in October at Brixton Academy.

My concern now is with only themselves to compete with, Soul Mavericks will get comfortable with their victories and relax. It's like running a race and slowing down as you reach the finish line only to be overtaken. Frustratingly, it's a mentality hard to override - every time England score a goal in the world up they relax, only to concede one because they thought the rival team wasn't on their level.

Best of luck to Soul Mavericks and Mavericks X aka Fresh 2 Death. Just remember, La Familia are always hot on your heels!

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