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Friday, 11 December 2009

(Rumoured) Diversity Flash Mob routine for Sky 1's "Got To Dance?"

This is (supposedly?) the choreography video for the flashmob, set to take place with with Diversity today at Westfield, London.

First impressions of it aren't very high - T-Mobile flashmob it ain't. Music is cut up left right and centre - nine songs in 90 seconds - with the longest cut being 20 seconds of Michael Jackson.

Choreography is obviously intended to be commercial, looking like it was influenced by Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Starting Something video, but some moves look dated rather than fresh, and even bemusing, such as a random head turn at 52 seconds - there's a free Into The Hoods poster for the first person who can explain why.

Although it's only rehearsal footage, I hate to say it, but even Diversity could merk it.

Update: Here's a link to the flashmob video - Got To Dance - Amazing Diversity Flashmob
Also an interview with the choreographer talking about the flashmob and footage of rehearsals.

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