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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Move Like Michael Jackson Episodes 1 - 4 Verdict so far

Considering recent TV talent show have led me to lose faith thanks to deluded judges thinking about who will make them their next million, I'm glad to say Move Like Michael Jackson has restored a little faith.

That's probably because they've employed the use of an actual casting director and not someone who sits goggle eyed when someone does a backflip.

So what's making Move Like Michael Jackson stand out for me?

Firstly it's a week long series, so it cuts straight to the point. The producers went to several UK cities to audition dancers and it was shown in two episodes. No drawn out clips of embarrassing auditionees and no sob stories about how the dancers overcame obstacles to achieve their dream, just passionate people.

At times it looks like Mark Summers is playing up to a role as a panel judge for the cameras, but he knows what he's talking about:
"Don't give me a high kick and say it's contemporary, you won't fool me." He knows what he's looking for, even if it comes across a bit catchphrasey.

Lastly, so far, despite initial assumptions, it doesn't come across as a cash cow trading off Michael Jackson's death. Jermaine has been a little "Michael was this, and my brother was that," but otherwise first impressions seem sincere.
Phone voting will begin in a few days, so we'll see how this one unfolds.

Coming up we're going to examine other elements of Move Like Michael Jackson, so stay tuned to the blog and follow #movelikemichael tag on Twitter.

If you've missed the first few episodes, it might be worth catching up here.

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