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Friday, 27 November 2009

Speech Debelle booed off stage - her response and the other side of the story

Edited on 29/11/09 - latest story development is at the bottom.
Speech Debelle was booed off stage by Take That fans at a charity gig on Wednesday night for their new SingStar kareoke game.

I thought I'd do a little Googling to get behind the story.

Here's the story and how it's developed:

Speech Debelle Booed off stage news story breaks - it's from the BBC - it must be true!

It quotes:
Debelle chose to rap her way through the 1993 hit single Pray, leading to boos from some of the 500-strong crowd.
A bit more research brought up NME's version of the story, who at least aren't scared to use swear words in their reports:
This year's Barclaycard Mercury Prize winner was jeered off stage during the London launch of the group's new 'SingStar' game.
"I'm a rapper. I don't do Take Shit," Debelle said to the crowd after they began booing.
Uh oh.
In both reports, both say that James Corden (of Gavin and Stacey) told her that anyone can rap.

From NME:
Her reaction then prompted the host, actor and comedian James Corden, to respond by saying, "That was shit, anyone can rap", before the Gavin And Stacey star launched into his own rap.
Today, or yesterday, depending on the gap between filming and uploading the video, Speech Debelle responded on a video blog:

In her response, Speech retold her side of the story:
"Something happened. I'm not really used to saying that, but I am a little bit to blame," the video starts.

"I think Gary Barlow is one of the greatest songwriters of all time," said Speech. "Now let me give you the story."

Speech admitted she had a few bottles of wine before the event, which she blames for her response to Corden, leading to being booed. Instead of saying "I don't take/do your shit stuff!" to Corden's comments, the words came out as "I don't do take shit stuff!"
The slip of the tongue occurred after she rapped the song rather than singing it.
"I'm not a singer, I'm a rapper, I'm having fun with it," she said. "Liqueur, anger, mixed together makes the wrong things come out. Be careful when you drink alcohol."

Speech continued to recall she had met Corden before in a dressing room before a show and gave him advice before facing an audience at Brixton Academy and expects an apology from him.

The video of the fiasco has appeared on YouTube.

Update: 29/11/09 - Let's forget about it!:
There's a possible happy ending to this blog I've changed several times. Today Speech offered a further apology after seeing the video (above) of the incident and filmed a second apology:

Halfway things got distracted when Pete Doherty walked past and Speech et al and Pete ended up jamming to Hit The Road Jack before kicking a freestyle.
Halfway through the freestyle Speech said: "I'm not allowed sing."

What do you think? We now know Speech slipped up, but was Corden really cool making the audience take sides? Maybe you're a bitter Take That fan? What about the latest Speech Debelle video of the Pete Doherty jam? Feel free to comment below.

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