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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A change gon' come

With that change you're guaranteed faster loading times and fewer page errors.

That's right, TooMuchFlavour will undergo a gradual facelift over the next week to bring the site design more in line with the promo material we put out - how many people here have I handed a flyer or business card to, only for you to visit the site and it looks nothing like the flyer design? EXACTLY!

Originally the site was made with pre-designed templates which were modified by me, which explains why the page image loads over another page image! The new design will fix this, and stop distorting the background (the 'grimey' theme has got to go!).

Page dimensions will now stretch the full width of a standard PC monitor (1024 pixels) giving more space and less clutter, and the use of widgets will simplify site updates by linking to the 2MF news Twitter, provide tidier advertising, and allow you to sample and buy MP3s from Amazon.

Some of the pages have already undergone a transformation. The biggest change will be the home page. To simplify things, all pages converted to the new style will keep the same address as before, so old links won't die.

The redesigned site is going to creep up on you... watch out for it!

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