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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Breakin' Convention 2009 - Last part of Jonzi's Diary (for London, at least)

Good evening 'fans' of Too Much Flavour.

If like me you went to the Breakin' Convention after party last night you'll be experiencing the same disrupted body clock I am right now. The party didn't stop 'til 3 in the mooorning with true LEGENDS partying with the fans.

Ken Swift and the VII Gems, Mr Wiggles, Salah and the gravity defying Junior were all in the place to be, while members of Flying Steps were seen hanging at the bar, Company Salama and Lil' Tim threw down in the circles.

It was something else.

The after party sadly meant the end of the London BC festival before the tour (it's already at Wycombe as I type) meaning it was the last video diary I could do. Keep yourself entertained by watching the video (linked to this update) and peeping the photos from around the venue on the Facebook page.



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