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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Two week anniversary! Updates! Widgets!

Fans of Too Much Flavour, I hope you're good?

For those of you that like to watch the calendar, today is the two week anniversary of!

So what's new?

If you check the site, you'll see the homepage has been updated. I've updated the main news, and there are also a few new articles on the Features page. Dance shows for a fiver. Recession? Buying music need not be expensive! "Stone Cold" old school reviews. Go have a look!


I have no idea what the technical explanation of what a 'widget' is, but it's handy having them about. Now, when we review something, you can click on the 'widget' to preview samples from the album to see if you like it. How clever is that? Give them a try!

What now?

Today emails went out to everyone in my contacts list to raise awareness of Too Much Flavour. I'm also working on getting some posters and flyers printed so you can stick them up around the place. If you want to help promote, the email is dave[at]

What next?

No holding back! Calls, texts, emails, leaflet drops, posters, walking up to strangers on the street, and posting links to people's profiles. Too Much Flavour is AMPED!


Next update - referral competition!



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