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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Friday night, Indigo2, come say hi! + RSS added to the site

What's happening peeps?

This is a quick update going out to everyone that's attending the Funk Physics We-R-One event at the Indigo2 tomorrow (Friday) night.

If you bought yourself a VERY reasonably priced ticket for the tiny sum of £5 sterling and you're attending the event, watch out for the gentleman wearing the shell toe Adidas with mismatching laces and "Too Much Flavour" paraphernalia - that's me - I haven't decided the rest of the outfit yet, but fresshness is guaranteed!

So come say hi, that's what the event is about, to bring dancers together!


On the website side of things, I've added 2 new nifty gadgets, an RSS feed to the home page and a Facebook "share" button, which posts articles straight to Facebook for sharing (self explanatory, really)

What RSS is:
Simply put as possible, an RSS feed is like a list of bookmarks for a website, and every time the website is updated, it'll update the list.

How to add it:
If you're using Firefox, simply go to and click the orange icon next to "Contact" on the homepage, and then OK to add it to your toolbar.

If you're using Internet Explorer 7, go to, click the orange icon next to "Contact on the homepage and it'll load the RSS contents page, then click "Subscribe to this feed" in the yellow box, and finally the "Subscribe" button.

You can find the feeds under your bookmarks/favourite menu

Simples! If you haven't worked it out yet, a guide will be posted in due time, but right now I'm busy preparing for tomorrow.

Peace, party people, hope to see some of you at the event!


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