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Monday, 15 March 2010

Move It Dance Exhibition 2010

Plenty of street dancers were at Move It 2010 last weekend. We chatted to scores of people, including a lot of street dancers and/or companies. Here is a selection of the nuggets of information we gathered:
  • Before his career in dance, Kenrick Sandy from Boy Blue was studying graphic design.
  • Adam from Urban Strides went to the same Mr Wiggles lecture we went to last year. 
  • The Big Dance 2010 is sponsored by T-Mobile.
  • The (awful) street dancers social network is owned by George Sampson's uncle. It's awful because it's plagued with spam, not because its a bad website.
  • Wild and Lawless tailored Diversity's costumes.
  • Mark Calape from Animaineax was allegedly prevented from progressing in So You Think You Can Dance. Although until we can find a third party that can back it up, that's just a rumour.
  • Yet despite all these enlightening facts, we still can't figure out why a sugary sweet brand sponsors a healthy industry.

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