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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Oh Ye, O Ye, Kanye is the town fool on social networking sites

When the president of the United States calls you a jackass, you know you've messed up. This is presidential. This is Kanyegate!

So how Kanye must be feeling right now, I can't imagine! Since he jumped on stage at the VMAs to crash Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, fans and critics of the Louis Vuitton Don haven't reacted positively.

But the blogosphere has had a fantastic time tearing into the incident! Minutes after he made his stance on who the deserved best video award should go to, Twitter was set alight with negative tweets about his speech-crashing behaviour, and now everyone is in on the act, with "Kanye West" being a trending topic for the past few days.

Just a quick search for his name brings up results like:
@jwathen11280 "just heard that Kanye West plans on interrupting Patrick Swayze's funeral to inform everyone that Michael Jackson's funeral was better."
@thelastshow "Kanye West is talented & his music deserves to be acknowledged with awards, but his bad behavior merits #BanKanye at awards shows for 1 year"
@mathis86 "just voted "Yes, hence the crop circles on his head." on "Is Kanye West an Alien?" vote too ➔"
@smokeymtnpowder "Watching this kanye west video on youtube...he must be needing a paycheck pretty bad."
@toomuchflavour: "I was going to update my Twitter, but Kanye West interrupted me and told me that FriendFeed was better..." (haven't a clue how this comment made it in...
Ouch. Guess people are poking fun quite a bit, right?

Then check out the picture website's take on it, posting loads of badly photoshopped images of Kanye pasted on famous photos and film and TV moments:

But best YET has to be this video to the tune of Heartless from his recent 808s and Heartbreak album. We're sure this will fast become a top YouTube hit:

Make the most of the satire while you can, people will get sick of it pretty soon!

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