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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Weekly update: UK Beatboxing, and what IS a "duet?"

The definition might seem straightforward to some, a duet is two people doing something - a dance, a song, playing instruments, but what IS a duet in the sense of how can the convention be explored?

Last week 2MF brought you the opportunity to win 2 tickets to Two's A Company, a night of duets that will be exploring the notion of "two."
This week I've followed it up with some more info on the line up for the night, with some inspiring words from the brainchild of the event, Hakeem Onibudo. Check it out!

Also, last Friday was the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships London heats. Speaking of heat, the venue was so hot and sweaty my notes got smeared with the humidity! But nothing gets in the way of this reporter!

This year's qualifier was a lad that goes by the name of Layth, who wowed the crowd with his incredible beatboxing skills. You can see a video summary of the competitors at the site!

Enjoy your read!

The listings for next month's events are nearly done, so keep your eyes peeled so you can plan to go to the hottest events in March!


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